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6 positions in an Amusement Park – Apply before Mar. 7th

6 job positions available in this amusement park in Glen, NH

Family Amusement Park

We have a request from the sponsor of this Work & Travel USA program, to inform students about this unusual opportunity:

Apply for a placement with a specific employer.

The entire placement description is shown below. This company has been a host employer to international students from many countries of the world since 1990’s.

Here’s how it will work:

  1. You will apply for the Full-Service Work & Travel program as usual. See the “How to apply” tab in the program description.
  2. Enter “Glen, New Hampshire” into the Special Requests field in the form.
  3. If accepted for the program, you will receive the payment instructions.
  4. Your full payment has to arrive to us before March 7th.
  5. In mid-March, you will be interviewed via Skype or phone by the employer.
  6. In the event you wouldn’t be selected by this employer, you will be placed by the program sponsor with a different employer*, as is the way this program normally operates – the program guarantees you a job placement!

* This is why you will be entering your other preferences for program placement in your application, even though you will be applying for this one.

NOTE: Your English has to be 7 or better on the scale from 0 to 10, where 0 is a person who doesn’t speak English at all, and 10 is a native English speaker.

Job description and information is as follows:

City: Glen
State: New Hampshire

JOB TITLE:  Where needed.

WORK DESCRIPTION:  You will be assigned a position based upon the needs of your employer at the time of your arrival.  You should be prepared to take any of the following positions:  Ride Operator (this may include giving a speech or safety speech, assisting guests onto and off of the ride, turning the ride on and off, keeping the ride area clean, providing excellent customer service, cleaning any trash that might be on walkways or noticeable to guests), Kitchen Help (this may include working on a cash register, putting food orders together, washing dishes, helping the cook staff, helping to prepare dishes, mopping floors, taking out garbage), and Sales Help (this may include assisting customers, working with the cash register, dealing with American currency and credit cards, stocking inventory, cleaning).  Please be prepared to fill any of these positions.  Please be flexible and ready to multitask. **Also** The park closes on Oct. 10. We will have work for students through Oct. 10.

UNIFORM DRESS CODE:  Your employer will provide uniforms, which consist of a short sleeve shirt and short pants.  Hair should be a natural-looking color. Women should not wear excessive makeup or jewelry. Men may not wear earrings at work; hair must be cut above the ear, collar, and eyes.  Men must be clean shaven.  No visible body piercing or tattoos are allowed for women or men. You should bring your own comfortable white sneakers and plenty of pairs of white socks.  No tobacco use, gum chewing, or eating is allowed while on the job. You must shower every day and wear deodorant.

SALARY PER HOUR:  $7.25 to $7.85 per hour, depending on position.


BONUSES:  There is no guarantee of a bonus.  You may receive performance bonuses for excellent work, and you will receive a bonus if you work until your commitment date and haven’t missed any work days.

WORK HOURS:  You should expect to work on average 8 hours per day, 5 days per week, depending on weather conditions and the tourist season.

ACCOMMODATION COST:  Approximately $60 per week

ACCOMMODATION:  You will also be required to pay $150 for a security deposit. That money will be returned to you at the end of the season if you leave the housing in good and clean condition and you fulfill your commitment.  You will share a room with one other international student. Each room includes a bathroom, TV, 2 full size beds, linens, and air conditioning. There are about 35 International students.  You will share responsibilities of cleaning.  You will be responsible for cooking and buying groceries for yourself. Female and male employees will be housed separately. Housing is within walking distance of a grocery store and a bank.  You will need to bike or have a ride to get to nearby restaurants and shopping outlets. They also have a liaison who will take you on weekly shopping trips to the grocery store & Walmart. He will also take you on weekly trips to nearby attractions on your days off.




COMPANY INFO:  This is an amusement park for small children.  The atmosphere is very friendly, and your employers are interested in other cultures and are excited to meet you.

AREA INFO:  There are many restaurants, clothing and outlet stores, movie theaters etc. that are a short drive from the job site. The amusement park is located in a very rural area in the beautiful New Hampshire White Mountains, with many outdoor activities including hiking, climbing, biking, swimming, and boating.  The days are warm, and the nights can get cooler, especially into September and October.  The park is somewhat isolated, but there are many employees, and there is plenty to do in the area.


IMPORTANT: This program placement has been arranged by the program sponsor InterExchange, Inc. APEX Foundation is not involved in arranging jobs, accommodation and insurance. We only administer the application process and help share experiences of previous participants. See our Terms & Conditions for full details.


6 Responses to “6 positions in an Amusement Park – Apply before Mar. 7th”
  1. sarah doreen agyekum says:

    9TH FEBRUARY 2011


    Dear Sir,

    It is of a great pleasure as Dorwill Travel and Tour becomes the agent for APEX INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM. Dorwill Travel & Tour is a registered travel agency in Accra – Ghana. The agency provides services such as Airline reservations and tickets, Hotel reservations, Car rentals, Tour operation, Visa assistance and travel clubs. Dorwill Travel & tour is ever ready to represent you (organization) in Accra Ghana in organizing more exchange programmes for interested applicant here.
    We look forward to your response as you detail us the procedure to be accredited as such at your earliest convenient as we count on your usual co-operation.

    Yours faithfully,

    • admin says:

      Dear Sarah, thank you for your kind offer. Unfortunately, we do not currently use agents for marketing. We work directly with students. Either with those who find us on the Internet, or those who apply through our Student Cooperators as shown in the Go4Free section. We will be happy to contact you should this situation change in the future.

  2. Agyei Mensah says:

    I am a Ghanaian college student of 32 years of age. Do I also collify to apply? Please, what will be the total cost for the programme before I reach there apart from my plain ticket?

    • admin says:

      Hi Agyei, I’m sorry, but this is a last year post, look at the date. As for your other questions, right in the first sentence of the post there’s a link to the program, participants of which could apply for this placement. Unfortunately, this program is only available to students who are EU citizens or are studying in the EU.

  3. dennis osei-nimo annor says:

    I am a university student in Ghana in my final year. How do i apply for the work and travel for this opportunity.

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