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APEX’s 19th Anniversary ..and hard drive’s 55th

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APEX Foundation's Training USA 1998 brochure crop

Have a look at our old stuff

It isn’t usual for companies that they don’t put a piece celebrating their glorious past on their websites on the anniversary of their founding. Well, we can imagine a nicer birthday gift than a failing webserver, which is why we are several days late.

Nevertheless, it has indeed been 19 years since APEX Foundation was registered as an organization, so we made a quick dig in our vast archives to treat you to a few copies of some of our historical materials.

We can’t find anything from our 1990 language-school incarnation, so the oldest artifact currently seems to be this 1992 guide for American worktravelers traveling to Europe as English teachers. That was our first dab into the world of exchange programs. We’ve typed the brochure ourselves on a typewriter (remember those?) and photocopied. The front page with the “logo” was made in a shareware program called “Banner” and photocopied as well.

APEX Foundations 1992 Guide for   American students coming to teach English in Europe

1992 Guide for US students


This is the summer camp where our first ever American students were placed as counselors and English teachers.

First ever US students participating in the APEX Foundation's teaching program were placed in 1992 in the summer camp below

Our first ever US students were placed in the summer camp below


Next up is this 1994 brochure for the Summer Work & Travel USA program, which we created in a wonderful software called Lotus AmiPro, that we keep mourning until this day each time we open MS Word. We printed it on one of the early inkjet printers and photocopied to get the numbers we needed. This format for chosen so that the brochure would easily fit an envelope for mailing to students.

APEX Foundation's 1994 Summer Work & Travel USA brochure

Our 1994 Work & Travel USA brochure


Then in 1997, we got our first brochure professionally designed and printed in color. The catchphrase “Real jobs for real money” wasn’t intended to make students believe that they could get rich by mopping floors in America. Our marketing problem at that time were programs which let students pay next to nothing up front, after which they were paid next to nothing in the US. So we needed to point out that with the Work & Travel program, students would work in normal jobs where they’d get paid.

Our glossy 1997 Work & Travel USA brochure

Our glossy 1997 Work & Travel USA brochure


In 1998 we decided to get color brochures for all our programs at that time. We omitted only the advisory center for studying abroad, which we only mentioned on the fold-out flyer.

After 3 years of doing them, we created Internships USA brochure in 1998

After 3 years we created Internships USA brochure in 1998

APEX Foundation's 1998 Camp USA brochure

Our first Camp USA brochure in 1998

APEX Foundation's 1998 Work & Travel USA brochure

1998 redesign of the Work & Travel USA brochure

APEX Foundation's 1998 all-programs   fold-out flyer, includes the university study abroad center

The 1998 all-programs fold-out flyer, includes the university study abroad center


1998 is also a year from which we have the oldest copy of our website. There was actually another one before that, after all we like to point out that our domain is older than that of British government, but we can’t find a copy of the very first one anywhere. This one was captured by the Internet Archive.

APEX Foundation's second website, in 1998

Our website in 1998, note the 5-year anniversary logo in lower right


It turned out soon though that mailing a glossy 24-page color brochure to everybody who asked for one was a road to financial hell, so in 1999, we reverted to non-glossy black and white brochures again, although this time professionaly designed and printed in large number of copies. Our Indian, Chinese, and generally non-EU participants will note Apex USA being mentioned for the first time in the third paragraph from the top.

APEX Foundation's black and white 1999 Summer Work & Travel USA brochure

Back to basics, our 1999 Summer Work & Travel USA brochure

And this is it, we’ll show you the newer ones in 2021 ;-)

Bootnote: And what was it about the hard drive??? Well, on the very day of our anniversary, we noticed stories about c0mputer hard drive celebrating its 55th birthday. So being in the celebratory mood, we decided to stick two links here. Have a look at how the first hard drives looked like:

Questions? Ask below :-) In English, please.

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