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APEX girls on Mount St. Helens and Traveling together

Sunday, July 11, 2010 by

APEX girls near Mount St Helens SWT USA 2010

APEX girls & Mt. St. Helens

Hi Worktravelers,

As always, you can find a prettier version of the newsletter, complete with pictures here on our blog.

Another week, another Skype call. This time to Leona in Winthrop, WA. Leona’s been on the program four times, and out of that, three times in Winthrop, WA. Each time she takes a different group of friends with her. See below. They seem to be doing fine. They work about 8 hours a day, 5 days a week in housekeeping and another 4 to 6 hours a week in laundry. They get $10.25 per hour and $15.40 per hour for overtime. They live in a fully equipped house about 12 miles from the hotel where they work.

Exchange student's accommodation in Winthrop, WA SWT USA 2010

Our house

Exchange student's Dodge Caravan SWT USA 2010

Our Dodge Caravan

Liberty Bells, North Cascade Highway, WA

North Cascade Hwy

The accommodation costs $63 per week and it has kitchen, two fridges, wifi,.. The first year Leona was there, they were being driven to work and back. Now the employer trusts them, so they can keep the company van and use it as they want. For trips, see below, and for shopping. The area is not just beautiful, but also very cheap, they shop for about $100+ per week for all 6 people. That’s just $15 per person and week(!) for food. Incidentally, it pays to get yourself a job for the next summer and come to the same place. They had $8.5 per hour the first summer, $9.5 the second one, and $10.25 plus overtime now.

Our Jumbo at Heathrow SWT USA 2010

Our Jumbo

San Francisco Alcatraz Island SWT USA 2010

Alcatraz Island

San Francisco China Town SWT USA 2010

China Town in SF

And not just that. Leona didn’t pay any program fees and even her brother didn’t. They participate for free! Leona is our Student Cooperator and she generated such an interest among her friends, that she earned so many points through the Go4Free program, that she and her brother could go for free. On the top of that, she even arranged a job (check the Gallery tab) for some of her friends. Become a cooperator too! You too can go for free somewhere!

Leona arrived the first, and when her friends arrived a few days later, she went with the van to pick them up at the airport in Seattle. After that they went together for a trip to the Mount St. Helens volcano where they took the “APEX Girls” pic. Thank you ladies :-)

Group of Exchange Students near Mt. St. Helens SWT USA 2010

Our group

APEX girls pointing at Mount St Helens SWT USA 2010

APEX Girls :-)

Exchange Students hiking near Mount St. Helens SWT USA 2010

Hiking near the volcano

Most students aren’t in the USA with a group of friends. That makes traveling at the end of the program not just less fun, but mainly, it limits the possibilities a bit. One of the great ways to explore the country is to rent a van for 6 to 8 people and travel together. It’s cheaper than renting a car individually, and you can see much more than if you travel by bus. It’s always been popular, some of the pics shown are as old as 1996! And what to do if you don’t have a group? As always, let us know! If you want to find a group, we will stick your “ad” on our blog, Facebook page and in the newsletter. See Leona’s last year plan here: http://www.apex-foundation.org/california-trip-going-with-us/

Exchange students on the way to Mount St. Helens SWT USA 2010

To Mt. St. Helens 2010

Group of Exchange Students Traveling by van SWT USA 1998

Traveling by van 1998

Group of Exchange Students Traveling SWT USA 1996

Group at Mt. Rushmore 1996


Have fun and write us how YOU are doing!

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