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13 positions in Sun Valley, Idaho – Apply before Mar. 7th

Tuesday, February 8, 2011 by · 2 Comments 

A screenshot of Sun Valley, ID website

Legendary place, work here

We have another request from the sponsor of this Work & Travel USA program, to inform students about a possibility to apply for a specific placement.

Sun Valley, ID is a legendary American upscale ski resort. Clark Gable, Bing Crosby, Ernest Hemingway and Gary Cooper used to vacation here before World War II. These days it is Hollywood celebrities like  Demi Moore, Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger, top media personalities and politicians.

Be quick! This is a job placement like no other! Read more

APEX News Signup Form – how it will work

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APEX News Signup Form screenshot

It's on our Facebook page

You know that each time we post something here, we also send you an email alerting you to the new post.

So far, we’ve been doing it manually from our normal email system, but lately it’s getting out of hand. With the number of people we are in touch with, it’s becoming a project for hours to figure out what to send to whom, and who asked not to be sent any news at all.

Best to have a way for you to subscribe and unsubscribe. Read more

First Work Travel USA 2011 participants placed

Friday, February 4, 2011 by · 2 Comments 

The location of the first job placement for Work and Travel USA 2011 - Warren, NH

First SWT 2011 placement

Just 7 workdays after the application deadline, first Work & Travel USA participants are placed with their American employers. Although it’s a record (cheers Steve!) it still goes to show two things:

1. Real programs (not some lists of addresses) work
2. It pays to apply early

Find a copy the Job Placement below. Warren, NH is near this placement, for which you can still apply: Read more

Server down. And admin too

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Sorry for no emails

Hello everybody. If you tried to email us in previous 20 hours, you probably got your email bounced back with something like “irrecoverable error” or somesuch.

We are not sure what are the odds of this happening, but our trusty admin ended up in hospital last night, with our server following him down almost immediately.

We apologize to you all and if your message to us came back, feel free to resend it now, they both seem to be back in action.

Happy New Year of the Rabbit

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Chinese New Year of Rabbit Greeting Card

Happy New Year!

We wish our Chinese participants, veterans and student cooperators happy and prosperous New Year of the Rabbit!

A bit of introduction for those of you living in the West and not being up-to-date on Chinese mythology ;-)

Chinese New Year is a lunar year. And the occasion has similar meaning in the society as Christmas in the West. It’s a great festival and holiday celebrated by families. Read more

6 positions in an Amusement Park – Apply before Mar. 7th

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6 job positions available in this amusement park in Glen, NH

Family Amusement Park

We have a request from the sponsor of this Work & Travel USA program, to inform students about the unusual opportunity:

Apply for a placement with a specific employer.

The entire placement description is shown below. This company has been a host employer to international students from many countries of the world since 1990’s. Read more

New Posters for 2011

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Thumbnails of APEX 2011 Work and Travel and Work Study posters

New APEX posters ideas

Would you like to influence what will be on our new posters?

Many people think that all we do is Work & Travel USA program. That can’t be more wrong! We’ve been offering programs such as internships, trainee programs, work study programs and even au pair and camp-counselor’s programs and many more, for more than 15 years.

If you actually click through all the program categories on our website, you’ll see that there’s actually a huge number of Read more

USA Tax Return 2010 – what you need to do now

Saturday, January 29, 2011 by · 4 Comments 

Image of 1040NR-EZ Tax Return form

Tax Return form

In most countries, if you overpay your taxes, you can get the amount you overpaid back. Same in the USA. You’ll fill out the tax form, and if you overpaid, the US Government will send you a check, returning you the money you overpaid.

By the way, this is not optional! You worked in the USA for a pay, so you are actually required to do your taxes – like every working American. On the other hand, you need to file your 1040NR-EZ Read more

First Interview in China this year

Thursday, January 20, 2011 by · 2 Comments 

Interviewing a Work Travel USA student in Beijing, China

Interviewing in Beijing

Our Student Cooperator in Beijing Kathy (Siwei) Wong sent us a few pictures of her interviewing for Work & Travel USA 2011.

Here with Sai Jia Nan who’s hoping for a placement in Montana, we’ll keep our fingers crossed for him.

The pics are from her cellphone, so we are publishing just the clearest one here. Kathy herself participated in 2009 and worked Read more

Work Experience UK Story: Part 6 – Money and National Insurance

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The building of the Job Centre in Bedford, UK

Job Center in Bedford

[Pavlina is participating in the paid Work Experience UK Level 1 program]

January 5th, 2011

The Christmas rush has gone and the restaurant is now less busy than before. Fortunately our establishment doesn’t close as some of the English hotels do for the whole or a part of January.

However the work hours might slightly decrease Read more

How to fill out American Express Traveler’s Check

Wednesday, January 5, 2011 by · 11 Comments 

American Express Traveller's Check thumbnail

Traveler's Check

Travelers’ checks are the cheapest method of paying the program fees. And it’s the most foolproof one too. International bank transfers costs tens of dollars, and many students have no idea how to make an international money transfer. Bank checks (bank drafts, as they are sometimes called) are no different. Stories of money sent to wrong places, or unusable bank checks abound.

Compared to that, traveler’s checks are simple. They are not “issued”, you simply buy them, like you buy for instance Read more

Work Experience UK Story: Part 5 – Christmas at work in the UK

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Christmas tree image small

Happy, happy :-)

[Pavlina is participating in the paid Work Experience UK Level 1 program]

December 27th, 2010

The Christmas Eve, the Christmas Day and the Boxing Day have passed and it was a very busy time. Many people were coming over to have their Christmas Eve dinner or Christmas Day lunch in the restaurant. I must say I would love to have such festive menu as they had! Everything looked just delicious! As starters there were Read more

Work Experience UK Story: Part 4 – One week to Christmas

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Work Experience UK - restaurant kitchen

Our kitchen

[Pavlina is participating in the paid Work Experience UK Level 1 program]

December 16th, 2010

It’s one week to Christmas and today, after several days of rather autumn or spring weather, it has been snowing. Recently the temperature has been about 5 centigrade and it really hasn’t looked like it’s actually winter. However the days are very short Read more

Merry Christmas everybody!

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Merry Christmas from APEX to Worktravelers

Merry Christmas :-)

Hi Worktravelers current and past, our cooperators and supporters.

We wish you all merry and peaceful Christmas, and exciting trips and great adventures in the new year 2011.

Cheers :-)

Work Experience UK Story: Part 3 – First days at the job

Thursday, December 16, 2010 by · 2 Comments 

An inn in the UK where Pavlina works

I work and live here

December 6th, 2010

It is my third day in Ampthill today. I left London on Saturday and went by train to the destination of my work-placement. The journey took approximately two hours including the London tube and then travelling by train out of the city. The train departed from the St Pancras railway station and I got off in Flitwick which is a town next to Ampthill. Although I called my employer to confirm my arrival when I set off he forgot about me so I was waiting Read more

Work Experience UK Story: Part 2 – The Arrival

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Work Experience UK - The Twin Group building in Lewisham, UK

The Twin Group Building

[Pavlina is participating in the paid Work Experience UK Level 1 program]

November 28th

The first day of arrival was quite a hectic one. I arrived at 11 am at the Victoria bus station. The journey from the Czech Republic took 17 hours, but it was overnight and I slept most of the time so it wasn’t that bothering. After getting off the bus and collecting my luggage I set off to get to my accommodation Read more

Work Experience UK Story: Part 1 – The Intro

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Three Work and Travel USA students at Niagara Falls

Pavlina - first on the left

Pavlina, our two-times Work Travel USA participant and a Student Cooperator, returned from the USA in early October, and on November 28th she left for the Paid Work Experience UK Level 1 program.

We’ve made a deal that Pavlina would get a 10 per cent discount from the program fee, in exchange for reporting about her experience from the program. Internet connection permitting, Pavlina will write about once a week and include photos. Read more

What to do if you forget to return your I-94 card

Sunday, October 24, 2010 by · 2 Comments 

US Customs & Border Protection support page icon

US Customs & Border Protection support page

Remember the white card an immigration officer put in your passport when you arrived in the USA? It showed how long you were allowed to stay in the country.

Do you still have that card? Well, if you do, it means that you are still in America! Not ideal for your future visa application.

Every year at this time, we get questions from students who ask what to do in this situation. Here’s what: Read more

USA Greencard Lottery opened again

Saturday, October 9, 2010 by · 2 Comments 

A screenshot of the Seal of the USA Department of State

DV Program opened

Even though we do not deal with immigration, we know that the famous “Greencard Lottery” is a bit mysterious topic for international students. And since it just opened again for registration, let’s have a look at it in the interest of educating our readership.

While most people heard that there is something like a greencard lottery, they have no idea if even exists, or if it’s some sort of a scam. Well no, it’s real. So real, in fact, that it’s operated by the USA Department of State! Read more

Paid Work Experience in the UK

Tuesday, October 5, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

A screenshot of Work Experience UK 2011 - Level 1 and 2 brochure.

Work Experience UK 2011

The 2011 program selection is taking shape! Just have a look in the Programs section. We’ve got new info and prices from most sponsors. And just to share with you what’s coming up, here’s another sneak peek! Work Experience programs, or programmes in proper English, are the closest thing to what many of you know from the USA as Work Travel.

The good news is that they are not limited just to students, so if you finished your school or have friends who are not students and would like to go, the opportunity is here. Level 1 is Read more

What keeps us busy

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UK Work-Study programmes application screenshot

Click to see what's available!

We’ve been a bit quiet lately. First of all, most of those who spent their summer vacations in the USA and elsewhere are now traveling, so if we would post something interesting, most people would miss it. But we are using the time for preparing the new season, so let’s have a sneak peek at what’s cooking up.

Click on the image, it’s a screenshot of an application for what will be available in the UK! Both great internships (look at the fields) and paid Work Experience. Also combinations of English Read more

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

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A greeting card for the Chinese Mid Autumn Festival 2010

Your Greeting Card :-)

We are wishing happy Mid-Autumn Festival to our Chinese participants, current and past! Click on the image to enlarge our greeting card we are “sending” to you this way :-)

If you are not from China and wish to find out what’s this festival about, read on. The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival, is a popular harvest festival celebrated by Chinese and Vietnamese people, dating back over 3,000 years to moon worship Read more

APEX turns 18

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A cropped part of the first page of the APEX Teaching Program Guide 1992

Program Guide 1992

Some of you may have noticed that your Skype alerted you to APEX birthday today. But it’s not just some random date that we entered when creating the Skype account. APEX was really registered on September 16th, 1992.

Katinka from Hungary, Tosin from Nigeria, Lucka and Pavlina from the US were the first who congratulated APEX for turning into an adult. So to thank you all, we decided to share some never before published pics and stories from our history with you. Read more

Before you leave

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San Francisco cable car and Alcatraz

Travel time

Hi Worktravelers! If you are in the USA, most of you will be leaving your employers this week. So after work, the travel part is here. We have prepared a map of “everything” you ever wanted to see in the USA for you, so have a look and don’t miss something interesting along your route. And before you leave, don’t forget:

1. Leave your employer your home address
2. Get his winter contact (email, phone)
3. Get a job for summer 2011, if you want to go again
4. Have fun, write, and send pics :-)

Everything you want to see in America

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Where is this place?

Where is this place?

Do you know where’s Montezuma Castle? A restaurant established by Buffalo Bill? How Mono Lake looks like? How to find some of the famous ghost towns, or the largest sculpture in the world (no, it’s not Mount Rushmore)? How about the place where they make the Jack Daniel’s whiskey? Or Harley Davidson Museum? Or the exact place where Michael Jackson’s family held his memorial?

We created a map showing all of the famous, beautiful and historic places in the USA. Each with its exact location Read more

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