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SPECIAL!! Work in the USA for the entire year!

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Hampton Inn left side

Hampton Inn

Would you like to work in the USA for the entire year, instead of just in the summer? It’s possible! Even if you are no longer a student!

A complex of one existing hotel and steakhouse, and another hotel and waterpark that are being built, will need several dozen employees arriving gradually between now and July 2011.

Hurry up! Three employees are needed to start from October 2010! Read more

Your last paycheck and your Tax Return

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Image of 1040NR-EZ Tax Return form

Tax Return form

Every year, some students have troubles getting their last paycheck and documents for their Tax Return. Some get them as much as a year later, some never. Why, and how to make sure you’re not one of them?

The basic reason is dead simple: your employer doesn’t have your address in your home country!

Among experienced worktravelers it’s generally considered a monumentally dumb idea to Read more

Cars from $9.95 per day on Hotwire

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Rental cars from $9.95 thumbnail

Cars from $9.95

There are cars on www.hotwire.com for just $9.95 per day now. Book yours now, if you’re planning on traveling in the USA in September. The special prices are of course for specific dates and locations, but the dates are mostly in September, which is what you need if you are in the USA now. The specials are often for dates one to three weeks in future, so now it’s the best time to book for most summer program participants. See example below. Read more

Fake USA Visa Waiver (ESTA) websites

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A screenshot of a part of the Esta Official Homepage

ESTA homepage

Fake bank websites, stealing your passwords and PINs and possibly planting malware on your computer for good measure, are well known. But bank websites are relatively hard to fake, because most people use their banks every day, so any irregularity gets instinctively spotted.

On the other hand, websites like ESTA get often used just once in a lifetime, which makes them a good target, because prospective marks have no idea how the real one looks like and works. Read more

Money to be paid to APEX Cooperators again!

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2,765 dollars in briefcase

$2,765 made by a Coop.

Would you like to become our cooperator? Time to think about it! If you’d like to make money instead of earning the opportunity to go for free, we have good news for you.

Veterans know that it used to be possible. It was possible since 1996 until relatively recently. The good news is that it will be possible again!

Beginning this season Student Cooperators will be once again able to make money! Read more

Where to look for your jobs while traveling

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Crowded beach in Seaside Heights NJ viewed from the window of Kohr's Cafe

Crowded sunny beach

We will be giving you tips where to look for your next year jobs. So pay attention to our upcoming posts about traveling.

But in case you also want to try your own idea, let’s have a look where you should look for jobs during your travels, and why.

While traveling, you will probably see awesome places that you will just fall in love with. The great news is that easier to find a summer job in an amazing place! Read more

Travel time’s here! And we have ideas for you where to visit.

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Arrival in San Francisco USA taken from a car

Going to San Francisco?

We are preparing a few posts about where to travel in the USA, and in the run up to it, we have a little surprise for you, try the links :-)

Need inspiration? How about California? Alaska? Historic places such as the site of the battle of Little Bighorn? Monument ValleyLas Vegas? (know what you are doing while there!) Maybe New Orleans and Alabama in the Dixie Land? How about Tennessee , The Smokies and the Blue Ridge Mountains? Or the Big Apple New York? By car or by train? Or maybe you’d like to see Read more

Get a job for summer USA 2011. And get it NOW!

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SWT USA Employment Agreement thumbnail

Get yours while in the US!

Are you currently in the USA and want to go again next year? Go get your job for the next summer! Now!

The job market in the USA is pretty drastic. We had applicants this spring who applied with other organizations in October (2009) and still had no job in March. So they tried to apply through us. But for the first time in 20 years, there were students who simply weren’t placed at all this year. Read more

Older interns compete with college students says CNN.com

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An icon for an article published elsewehere

As seen on the web

Not a big surprise for us, as just today an employer asked if there’s any way his prospective interns could be at least 24 years old and preferably older, because “there’s much more maturity on the older ones”.

But for college grads, seeing people in their 40’s or 50’s looking for internships, even unpaid ones, is something to be eyed with a bit of a disbelief.

As CNN.com explains, in current economy, these people Read more

How to recommend our posts to your friends on Facebook

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Image in a WordPress post and the Facebook Recommend button

How to recommend her

[Updated] Most people think that clicking on the “Recommend” button is all it takes. In other words, that once you’ve clicked it, your friends will see your recommendation on their News Feeds.

Guess what, they won’t! That’s not how the button works.

So if you want to recommend a post on our website, or indeed on any website where the “Recommend” button appears, to your friends, you need to do more than just clicking the button. Read more

Do you like our email updates or not?

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poll results thumbnail

Toss a vote

Every time we post a new article on our blog, we send you an email copy of it, together with a link to the full version.

Once we finish the rebuilt of our website, you will be able to actually select what kind of updates you will receive, if any at all. But for the time being, we are sending them manually and we are not sure if you are actually glad that we do. So as an attempt to find out, we let you vote on that! Here and on Facebook. It’s the same poll, so it doesn’t matter where you vote. Have a go :-) Read more

How to become an APEX fan on Facebook

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How to become a fan of APEX Foundation on Facebook

This is how to do it

Becoming a fan is the same as subscribing to news. That’s all that it does! When we post something to our Facebook page, it appears in your newsfeed, and you can click on the link and read the post. So if you want to get our news, or just find what we write interesting, go ahead and become our fan!

Right, and the problem? People don’t know how to become fans! They try all kinds of things including attempting to “friend” our trusty webadmin Winston. So how to become a fan? Read more

Car rentals in the USA – Tips, prices and surprises

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Very cheap car rental price

You didn't expect that..

Thinking about a road trip around the US national parks? California coast maybe? And how about something über-cool such as renting an open-top Ford Mustang for a ride around Las Vegas? Or perhaps a Jeep Cherokee for exploring the Rockies? Poor student? No money? No worries! Car rentals in the USA are cheaper than you think, especially after the season! And because a few of you already asked us for car-rental tips, here they are! Read more

Meet Petra – our new Community Manager

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Petra is a busy woman at Tian An Men Square

Busy at Tian An Men Square

Most of you probably know Petra from emails, Skype or Facebook. Some of you even met her at one of our trips to schools. What you may not know is that she  was working for us for over a year as a volunteer. That means without being paid any money, just to make that clear ;-) She joined us almost a year and a half ago because she was intrigued both by the type of programs that we offer, that we offer them to everybody from anywhere in the world Read more

How to land your dream US summer job

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Exchange student working as parachute packer SWT USA

Parachute packer

Does your dream summer job involve working in Miami, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., one of the major national parks or on the beaches of New Jersey? Or would you like to do something special, such as tennis instructor, horse-riding instructor, or a journalist? And how about working for company that you admire?

Students did it before and if you are currently in the USA, it’s time to actually do something to make those dreams happen! Read more

Worktravelers’ Troubles (2): Who is a Worktraveler

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Exchange students traveling with county fairs SWT USA 2002

Hard work at county fairs

Since you asked, let’s make sure that we know who we are talking about in these series. Especially because the names of programs and visas vary between countries. You can hear terms such as Work Travel, Working Holiday, Youth Worker Mobility, even Level 1 Internship, etc.

In any case, a Worktraveler is neither economic migrant, nor somebody going into a steady job abroad. Worktraveler is a young backpacker, usually a university or college student, who is eager to travel into countries he heard so much about Read more

Worktravelers’ Troubles (1): What makes you vulnerable

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Exchange student's staff party - SWT USA

Roadside restaurant

In short, money. Regardless if you work in a resort in America, or if you are picking apples in New Zealand, you are worktraveling primarily to make your trips pay for themselves. Many of you probably had to borrow money to pay for the program, so if you don’t make enough, you end up in a hole financially. That’s scary and it puts a lot of pressure on you, we all have been through it.

Why you don’t just quit
When you have a part-time job at home and you don’t Read more

How others are doing, plus Worktravelers’ troubles

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Christmas Island Resort New Hampshire SWT USA 2010

The beach and marina

Hi Worktravelers! Every week, we select somebody whom we call to. This week it was Pavlina, who is working in Christmas Island Resort in New Hampshire. Pavlina is participating in the SWT USA program for the second time. Last year she was in the Telemark Resort in Wisconsin (read her 2009 story with pics here). She is also our Student Cooperator at her school (pics from her meeting).

So far, her second summer is a bit of a mixed experience. She works at a front desk of the resort, which is nice and Read more

Got the “Like” button on our pages

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Facebook Like button

Appears inside the posts

We finally gotten around to adding the Facebook “Like” button to the pages on our website. From now, whenever you open any post on our website – by clicking on its title or on ‘Read more’ at the end of the excerpt – you can “Like” the post right from there. Read more

APEX girls on Mount St. Helens and Traveling together

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APEX girls near Mount St Helens SWT USA 2010

APEX girls & Mt. St. Helens

Hi Worktravelers,

As always, you can find a prettier version of the newsletter, complete with pictures here on our blog.

Another week, another Skype call. This time to Leona in Winthrop, WA. Leona’s been on the program four times, and out of that, three times in Winthrop, WA. Each time she takes a different group of Read more

Newsletter 7/04: How others are doing, plus cars, rentals

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Exchange Students with beaten car SWT USA 2003

Accross the USA in this

Hi Worktravelers!

Hope the big holiday weekend was not just busy and money-making, but also fun, especially if you are in the USA for the first time.

We talked over Skype with Patricie in Seaside Heights, NJ. She and her boyfriend Lukas both have two jobs, working between 12 and 15 hours a day for 6 days a week. Read more

Jan & Pavlina: working at Cable, WI and USA travels – SWT 2009

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Exchange Students at Niagara Falls SWT USA 2009

At the Niagara Falls

Hello work-and-travelers and APEX,

I would like to tell you something about our trip to the USA. We decided to go to the USA in autumn 2008. I mean me, my girlfriend Pavlína and our friend Petra. We received our job placement in early April and we were very surprised because we got a job in Wisconsin.

We took off on the 22nd of June. We flew from Prague to Brussels and from Brussels to New York (Newark) because Read more

Newsletter 6/27: Taxes, Last Paycheck, Stories (USA)

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Yellowstone North Entrance

Yellowstone Entrance

Hi Worktravelers! Most of you are already in the USA and some of you may be getting your first paycheck – time to make sure you pay only the taxes you have to pay!

Under the Work & Travel visa, you only have to pay the Income Tax. Nothing else! The income tax is always federal, but sometimes also state and local one. Your employer’s accountant may not know what visa you have and may deduct other taxes from your Read more

Eva & Jan write from Rye, NY – SWT 2010

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Exchange Students working at Coveleight Club, NY SWT USA 2010

The club where we work

Hey ! We´re sending a few tips how to stay alive during the whole journey. Our journey was great,we had no problems, in fact, the newcomers don´t have to worry at all. About the hand luggage, actually, you don´t need almost anything, just take with you some money, we bought a Read more

Eddie writes from Yellowstone NP, MT – SWT 2010

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It’s going good. The park is way overhired as you now, which is ridiculous. Otherwise it would have been great, same as previous years. I haven’t looked for a second job, it’s kinda hard to find anything near the park, and it takes a lot of time to travel outside the park. Read more

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