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Katinka: Summer in Emerald Isle, NC – SWT USA 2009

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Summer work in supermarket SWT 2009

Working at supermarket

I will never forget that day when I woke up in Budapest: my friend and me had to leave for the USA. That morning was very exciting and very scary as well. Not every day it happens to a 23-year–old young girl to be on the way to the Field of the Dreams!! Even though we knew where we were going and what kind of job we would be doing in the next three months, that 10 cm between Budapest and New York on the map seemed immediately too much. On the way to the airport we were just laughing on the funny stories about lost luggage Read more

Newsletter 6/20: How to find a second job (USA)

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SWT students working at a boat rental company

Working at boat rentals

Hi Worktravelers, Some of you are already in the USA, others are fixing to fly there. Every year, one of the most frequent questions in this part of summer is how to find a second job. So here’s a few tips.

These girls found their own jobs not just in the USA but also in New Zealand and other countriers. They even brought jobs for other students from their travels. Read more

This is Africa!

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This is Africa!(click for bigger pic)

Hey Worktravelers, can you see now why we were so excited when we added first African programs this spring? Have a look at the pic and the videos! Co’z this…is Africa! We will add some more interesting stuff in coming weeks. In the meantime, enjoy the Kick Off Concert :-)

Oh and did you know that you could be volunteering there right now? “Almost 68,000 people from 170 countries applied to be volunteers at the huge event, with the application deadline closing more than 10 months ago.” Read more

Orientation – InterExchange Work Travel USA 2010

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Work Travel USA (SWT USA) InterExchange Orientation

Take the Orientation

Important! All participants are required to download and view the Orientation slideshow and answer and upload the Questionnaire below. You can NOT receive your visa documents before we receive the Questionnaire with your correct answers! Read more

Meeting in Szeged & Budapest

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The World Famous Hungarian Pick Szalami

Szeged - we'll be there!

Do you know in which country can university students work and in which they can’t? Do you know in which country you can do work-travel and in which you can’t? Do you know where you can have a paid internship and where you can’t?

Come and ask! We will be available to talk about work-involving programs, that’s work-travel, work-study, internships and volunteering, in the USA, UK, and South Africa.

The meeting in Szeged will take place next Wednesday (March 31st) from 3:30pm. Email us for the exact location, it’s still being worked out.

In Budapest, next Wednesday (March 31st), we will take part in the Study Abroad Fair held at the BME university, where we will have a stand. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Video – Caring for orphan elephants in Kenya

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Caring for orphaned baby elephants in Kenya

Baby elephant

As we are preparing the launch of our African volunteer program applications, you may want to enjoy a short video about how baby elephants are taken care of :-)

As the narrator explains, it costs about $900 a month just to feed them, and since part of your program fees go to the charities that care for the animals, you might be proud that you contributed your part. Enjoy :-) Read more

Stuff for our Cooperators

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Student Cooperators Running Big Meeting

Student Coops: Big Meeting

This is a placeholder article, just to make the category appear in the menu. But we will soon add the first installment of “How to become a successful cooperator in 8 lessons” ;-)

Veterans’ stories uploaded

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Work Travel USA 1994 participant with vintage Ford Thunderbird

Work Travel 1994

We have enormous number of  emails from participants, and from some of them even nice stories with pictures. Even though you might find wisdom in many of the stories, there’s just no way we can add all of them here. But the more epic ones accompanied with pictures are probably worth it, and so we moved all of the texts here. In fact, even the pictures are already uploaded. We just need to find two free weeks ;-) ;-) ;-) to assemble them nicely together and publish. When we do so, they’ll appear right here!

Interviews in Kosice

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Student being interviewed for the SWT USA program by a cooperator

Interview by a coop

Patka, our veteran cooperator for loooooong years, did interviews for the SWT USA program. It appears that everything is really happening later this year. So if you know of people who are interested, keep them coming. And if you are a coop, be prepared to do a solid good interview with your students, to make sure they really understand how things work and what they should expect. In the meantime, descriptions of the African programs are almost finished, so we will publish them soon.

Pavlina’s meeting in Pilsen

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SWT meeting in Pilsen

SWT Meeting in Pilsen

Pavlina is one fast woman ;-) Last week she asked if she could be a cooperator, immediately requested posters, put them up at her school and today she had her first meeting. Wow, that’s 6 days ladies and gentlemen! Anyway, we got projector, not-quite-working internet connection and a list of attendees to send them more info. And one interview right there :-) Pavlina also looked at the African programs with interest, so her Go4Free points may come handy. Super job Pavlina, thank you!

Read more

Meeting Johann and Ibrahim in Budapest

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International students Johann and Ibrahim in Budapest

Johann, Ibrahim & Ondrej

This one is out of order, it happened before Zilina. Johann can’t go for the third time this summer, because of he will be changing schools. But he wants to go next year, especially if the harvesting project (harvesting example) would work out. Meanwhile, we discussed our two Nigerians with the consul and his reaction was “bring them on” (hi Tosin & Josh). Ibrahim is from Syria, and would love to have his schoolmates from back home go too (Casey, I’m definitely on the “road to Damascus” ;-) We’ll do our best to help them! Plus an interview trip to Damascus sounds very nice indeed :-)

Meeting in Zilina – potential new Coops!

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Students at meeting at university in Zilina, Slovakia

Future team members?

Meeting at the University of Zilina (Slovakia) was as pleasant as ever. Local students’ organization let us use their spaces and internet connection, another person from the school lent us the projector, the news about the meeting were published on the school website and Peter, who put it all together even brought chips, tea and other refreshments. It’s amazing to deal with just so helpful people. Thank you so much everybody! BTW, Peter’s been in the USA many years ago, he’s not a student any longer. Interestingly, one girl expressed an interest to be a Coop in Banska Bystrica, and another decided to try her luck in Brno. And Peter asked if there’s any coordinator for Slovakia.. Erm, no..!

Meeting in Szeged with radio interview

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Library of the University in Szeged Hungary

University in Szeged, HU

Our new Student Cooperator in Szeged (Hungary) Katinka, arranged a great meeting with students at her university yesterday. Beautiful building (see pic), and for the first time in I-don’t-know-how-long everything worked! Projector, internet connection, ventilation, everything. The attendance was predictably small, about 8 people (right Katinka?), as the meeting was only promoted by posters, not hand-out flyers, and just for a few days. On the other hand, we even got an interview for a local radio station, so we will have our 2 minutes of fame ;-) More of these, and more people :-)

Work at a dude ranch?!

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A work travel USA participant working at a dude ranch

At a dude ranch

J1 Direct is considering adding Dude Ranches to the selection of employers. Check http://www.duderanch.org/ and http://www.duderanches.com/ to see what a dude ranch is.

Sounds like uber-cool and uber-American summer vacations to us! Interested?

Let us know quickly! J1 Direct needs to know how hard they should look for these jobs. The pics are from Work Travel USA 2001 and 2004.

Great hopes for Good Hope

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Cape Town, South Africa, Victoria and Alfred Waterfront

Cape Town, South Africa

We had a totally awesome meeting with our South African colleagues in Vienna. Very intense 3.5 hours. As said before, Work Travel is paid and self-arranged, so best for experienced worktravelers. Exactly opposite to America, students mostly work in cities. Internships are unpaid, but therefore nice (paid internships always tend to make a helper of you rather than a real intern) and placements are arranged in all kinds of fields. University study is available too, you are pre-placed based on your academic qualifications, and after that you either enroll, or take a university prep course, depending on your language skills. Short-term unpaid placements are also available to students of social services (working with orphans and street children), wildlife protection, best for students of ecology, or veterinary medicine (working with monkeys, chimpanzees, animal orphans, white sharks and penguins), and students of sports can teach children soccer. We will add the programs as soon as humanely possible, there’s a ton of them. Watch this space, or let us know right away that you are interested.

Trip to Vienna January 15

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South Africa Flag

South Africa Flag

Sadly, we are not flying to the Cape Town, we will be having a meeting Vienna, Austria. Work Travel and Work Study programs in South Africa have the work part “self-arranged”, so they are better suited to experienced worktravelers. Those who know what to do when they arrive in a foreign country, how to look for an accommodation and a job. So we would recommend Work Travel USA to “first-timers”. But hey, if you’ve been in the US a few times, why not try something different?! Stay tuned, we will know more after this Friday.

Trip to Germany January 20

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German Flag

German Flag

Travel time indeed! Next Wednesday, January 20th, at 6pm we will be having a meeting at the Technical University in Clausthal-Zellerfled in Germany http://www.tu-clausthal.de/ Should be pretty solid, as there will be our great FIVE-times participant Lucka Pifkova, American employer Greg Kohr of the Kohr’s Frozen Custard fame, and two our so far one time German participants Maggie and Tanya. Everybody’s welcome to visit!

We will also discuss new programs by the Rennert language school, and in the meantime, we hope to visit Wien, Austria to discuss Work Travel in South Africa. Stay tuned!

After trip to Hungary

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Hungarian flag

Hungarian flag

Nice trip! Oriented & Interviewed Tosin & Josh, Johann shared his experience of a twice participant, and we talked a bit about what to do in Africa next year. Misa promised to put up posters in Kenya, Tosin & Josh in Nigeria, and Johann could help in Cameroon and maybe France? For now T&J ;-) will put up posters in Debrecen, Hungary and Johann will service the BMU in Budapest with them. The Szeged part was totally awesome, to the point that I left my camera in the cafe, so no pics for now. Maggie & Katinka created a tandem to take care of Budapest and Szeged, which means we need to put them all together and create an unassailable Hungarian mega-team :-)

Trip to Hungary Jan.7 and Jan. 8

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Hungarian flag

Hungarian flag

A quick trip to Hungary to visit former participants, talk to prospective cooperators, bring posters, interview new applicants. If you’d like to meet and talk in Budapest on Thursday, Jan. 7th, or in Szeged on Friday, Jan. 8th, let us know.

Have fun in 2010

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This way to APEX

This way to APEX

Many new places seen
Many new people met
Many new adventures lived
Many new words learned
Many dreams come true

Many happy returns in 2010!

Merry Christmas!

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PF 2010 from APEX

PF 2010 from APEX

Merry Christmas to everybody, bounty of gifts under the tree, restful holiday and peace in your soul.

Flyers go to print – ask for yours

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APEX 2010 Flyer

APEX 2010 Flyer

The 2010 flyers go to print today. Initially, we will be sending them to students across Europe, Turkey, Kazakhstan, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand.

Aside from the printed ones, we will also have a rewritable PDF version. And what is that good for? You can add your own contact, or even modify some of the text, print it on your own printer, and basically have your own, customized poster, that will still have the look and feel of the original. We did it last year and people loved it.

First Interviews for 2010

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First interviews for 2010

First interviews for 2010

Leona is the first Student Cooperator who already interviewed students for 2010. She’s got 12 applicants already, mostly her friends and friends of friends. This means that she can Go4Free for Work Travel USA herself again(!), but she also plans to take a solid good language course in New York for free with all her points. Go for it too!

Leona’s going to participate for the third summer, and she’s been a Student Cooperator for 2 years. In 2009 she took a group of her friends to the USA with her, have a look at older posts in this blog.

This year, she spread the word not just among friends, but ask them to tell their friends too. As if it were needed, this show that Go4Free not just works, but rocks :-) Read more

Big thanks for Voluteer pic

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Volunteer in Kenya

Misa volunteering in Kenya

We would like to thank Misa of the http://www.theworldmarch.org/ for the African volunteer picture that she allowed us to use on the flyer. We haven’t found anything nearly as descriptive and wonderfully positive anywhere!

2010 Flyer almost ready

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APEX 2010 Flyer

APEX 2010 Flyer

Still needs a few finishing touches, but it won’t change a lot. Btw the big text in the middle is changeable for all the other programs as it is a changeable PDF. So it’s not a WT flyer as such. The small box in the lower right corner is for cooperator info for those who want to share it. Besides we will have specialized posters for single important programs. Check the Programs category to see how it’s filling up ;-)

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