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California Trip – Going with us? ;-)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009 by

<p>California Trip 2009</p>

California Trip 2009

Hello worktravelers!

Summer is almost over and many of you are probably thinking about travelling after you finish your summer job. So where are you going to travel? Do you already have any plan?

Me and my friends are going to spend 10 days travelling mostly in California, but we are going to visit Grand Canyon in Arizona and Las Vegas in Nevada as well..

Our plan is to rent a car in San Francisco and than take Highway 1 all the way to Los Angeles where we would like to spend 2 days. Than we will continue through Joshua Tree NP to Grand Canyon. From Grand Canyon we will heading to Las Vegas, Death Valley, Sequoia National Park and Yosemite National Park where we would like to spend 3 days hiking. Our trip will finish in San Francisco from where we take the flight to New York and back home.

Wanna join us? Just write to me in the Comments below :-) More people – more fun!!!

<p>California Trip 2009</p>

California Trip 2009 - Click on image for live map


4 Responses to “California Trip – Going with us? ;-)”
  1. Ondrej says:

    Hey Leona, don’t forget the Monument Valley! You need to take a group pic in the APEX T-shirts there ;-)

  2. edina says:

    Hi :)

    When is the trip?

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