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Sai Jianan writes from Brevard, NC where he works at McDonald’s

Wednesday, July 27, 2011 by

TV in a room in which Chinese Work & Travel USA participant Sai Jianan stays in Brevard, North Carolina

Living room with TV

Hi Ondrej,

I have woked five days since I came here.Today is my day off.Firstly, I really appreciate you and Misa for your patient and selfless help during my long application process to this program.Without you,I couldn’t make my dream come true.

Now I am going to tell you more details about my trip and work here.And I hope my experience can help future Apex students,expecially students in China.

About my trip to USA

Generally,everything went well during my journey to the US.My flight is supposed to leave Beijing at 7am,11th July.I arrived at Beijing International Airport about five hours earlier(because it was my first time to take plane.There is no need to go to airport so early.I think two or three hours earlier is just ok).After about 13 hours I arrived in Detroit,where I took another smaller plane to Ashevilla.My flight is delayed in Detroit about 4 hours cause the bad weather.This was the only thing out of my plan during my trip.Then I arrived in Ashevill airport about 6pm,11th July.

My employer was there waiting for me.Then he took me to the Mcdonald’s I was going to work and give me a free meal.Then I was taken to the house I live now and saw another International students here.That’s all,I really enjoyed my trip.

About the first week here.

I started to work on 13th July.I can work 7 to 8 hours everyday.I get paid every two week so I haven’t got my salary until now.I live with another 7 International students in a big house.Four boys,including me,sharing a big bedroom(just like the picture I have given you).There is a television in living room,laundry machine,bathroom,kitchen.It’s a pretty good house.However,everyone living here have to pay 320 dollars per month.Considering so many students sharing one house,it is a little high,isn’t it.Another big problem is transportation.There’s no public transportation here.So we can’t go anywhere unless our employer let someone who have a car pick us up.But you know.they are usually very busy.So it’s not very convenient for us to go out.

But after all ,the people here are very kind to me.I will tell you more next week,when I can get paid for the first time.And I hope I can get my social security card as soon as possible.Though as you have told me,maybe I can get second job without the SSC,it’s extremely difficult here.Thank you.

Have a nice day.

Sai Jianan

Hi Ondrej,

My last email should be sent to you four days ago.But as I have told you,I can’t link to the Internet in my house,so I send it to you today.I am sorry about it.I have seen other students’ log about their lives in the US.I think they are luckier than me.But it’s ok,I hope my life here can be better and better.

Have a nice day.

Sai Jianan

Laundry room in a house where Chinese Work & Travel USA participant Sai Jianan stays in Brevard, North Carolina


Living room in a house where Chinese Work & Travel USA participant Sai Jianan stays in Brevard, North Carolina

Living room

Our bedroom

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