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Eddie writes from Yellowstone NP, MT – SWT 2010

Sunday, June 27, 2010 by

It’s going good. The park is way overhired as you now, which is ridiculous. Otherwise it would have been great, same as previous years. I haven’t looked for a second job, it’s kinda hard to find anything near the park, and it takes a lot of time to travel outside the park. So no chance for a second job.

I have my own car, so it’s easier to stay alive on the road, stay at rest areas, stock up food from Walmart, but otherwise it’s very expensive to stay anywhere in a motel and get around the cities.

Sometimes airplane is a better choice than travelling by bus. I did come through Chicago, the immigration line was very easy, they didn’t care much.

So all in all everything is the same, it’s a bit more expensive, less jobs, but trying to stay positive. Too bad i cannot extend this visa and have to come back so early :(

Any other specific questions? Sorry i wrote a little late, internet sucks at the park…

[APEX Bootnote: Eddie’s been spending his summer vacations in Yellowstone for the past 4 years]

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