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Eva & Jan write from Rye, NY – SWT 2010

Sunday, June 27, 2010 by

Exchange Students working at Coveleight Club, NY SWT USA 2010

The club where we work

Hey ! We´re sending a few tips how to stay alive during the whole journey. Our journey was great,we had no problems, in fact, the newcomers don´t have to worry at all. About the hand luggage, actually, you don´t need almost anything, just take with you some money, we bought a snack when we were transiting at Heathrow, London and that was all.

I had in my hand luggage only wallet, passport, DS 2019 form and some magazines and that was all. You don´t need any food or drinks, because in airplane to the States you´ll get plenty of food and drinks.Maybeyou can take a hoodie or sweater with you, because sometimes it´s little bit chilly in the plane or you can use a blanket from the plane, it´s up to you guys.

So, immigration line – after landing in the States, try to get out from the plane as soon as possible, otherwise you will have to wait in the line for two hours like we did, but it was our fault. That was the only problem we had at immigration center, otherwise everything was runnig smoothly.

Then, if you´ll go from the airport straight to your´s work place with a cab, then take ONLY yellow taxi, nothing else, because there is a lot of „black taxi drivers“ (black doesn´t mean afro-ameriacans :)) Just follow the guide from Apex and everything will be ok. If you will travel longer distance with a taxi, make sure, that taxi driver has the taxa-meter on a don´t go with taxi without GPS !!! I think that´s pretty much all from us and from our journey to the States.

Exchange students with the Statue of Liberty SWT USA 2010

Trip to Lower Manhattan

Exchange students accommodation window view SWT USA 2010

View from our window

The Coveleight Club, NY at night SWT USA 2010

The Club at night

Otherwise we´re having a great time so far here. We have a lot of work in the Club, so we don´t have to look for another job for now.

Have a nice day
Jan and Eva

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