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Find your own U.S. job for summer 2010

Friday, August 28, 2009 by

Taking job applications

Taking job applications

If you have your own job, you pay much less than if you need the Work & Travel program which includes job placement.

Many of you would love to work somewhere, where the program sponsors do not place, so simply find your own job there.

And if you get more than one Job Offer, you can take your friends with you. It’s more fun to be together and you may even be able to go for free!

We will get to participating for free in one of the nearest posts.

For now, your first decision is where.

Some students want to be in the same place where they are now, either because they like the place, or because it’s more convenient. Others want to be every summer at a very different place, to see more and keep it an adventure.

If you want to work in the same place where you are now, simply ask your current employer for a job offer for summer 2010. Or ask him for tips where to look for other local jobs. Or simply go around and ask in every business you like the look of.

If you’d like to be in a different location, you have two choices. Simply travel there, during the travel part of the program, and try to get a job in your dream location. You want to see it anyway, if it’s your dream place, so why not to ask for a job or two, when you are already there, eh?

And how to do it?

  1. Write yourself a brief resume and get a letter of reference from your current U.S. employer
  2. Make 100 copies
  3. Go into every single business in your dream location
  4. Ask for manager/owner, give him your resume & references and ask for a job
  5. GET THEIR CONTACT INFO!! They’ll tell you that they’ll get back to you and…they won’t!! So you’ll have to be able contact them.

Go with your friends:!

Many students arrange more than just one job for the next summer. And they take their friends, schoolmates, cousins, etc. with them. Some do it year after year! Here’s an example. And if you get 20 jobs ;-) and don’t have 20 friends to go with you, you can offer the remaining jobs via our web site to students from all over the world. Just like Leona’s been doing it now.

Wondering if you could also look for an internship while in the U.S.? Umm, do you know of a better way?!

Questions? Suggestions? Experience to share with others?  Sound off in the Comments below :-)

P.S. For those who know yours truly. The picture is from 1996. Which means…that the red jackets are quality stuff ;-)


One Response to “Find your own U.S. job for summer 2010”
  1. Mariner says:

    I recommend reading also the tips for finding second jobs. The approach is similar, except you need the contact info, because you can’t visit the company next week again.

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