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Get a job for Summer Work & Travel USA 2012

Saturday, August 20, 2011 by

Summer Work & Travel USA 2012 self-arranged Employment Agrement

Don't come home without it

(This post was written in summer 2011 for students who were in America at that time. If you are a new applicant, click here if you need a program that will  place you with an American employer, or here if your already have your job arranged!)

The happiest participants are usually those who arrange their own jobs for the next summer. Jobs that they like, in places that they like.

But you won’t get yourself a job in November from your home by email. You have to do it now, while you are still in America!

Download Self-Arranged Employment Agreement forms today and start some serious job hunting!

How to do it? Just like when you are looking for a second job, except you can look for a job also when you are traveling. That way you can find yourself a job in a location that you really like.

Here are the self-arranged job forms:

Apex USA, Inc. http://apex.box.net/shared/static/e5s8ogapie.pdf
InterExchange, Inc. http://apex.box.net/shared/static/gn4j7l6fbi.pdf

Complete yours, get it signed by your 2012 employer, YOU SIGN IT TOO (people always forget that one) to show that you accept it, and enclose it with your application.

And by the way, if you want to apply for Summer Work Trave USA 2012, as some of you already did, here are the program applications:

InterExchange, Inc.
Apex USA, Inc.

Questions? Ask :-)


28 Responses to “Get a job for Summer Work & Travel USA 2012”
  1. joseph acheampong says:

    am a local travel and tour agencies and will like to recruit student for your program , how can i become partner to register student for your program.

  2. Worker says:

    What is differance between 2011 and 2012 Summer Work & Travel USA? Will it cost more?

  3. Donatea says:

    I am a student from Albania, and i’d like information about accommodation there … I have to pay or what?

    • admin says:

      Hi Donatea. Under normal circumstances, yes. You have to pay for your accommodation just like when you have a job in your home country. These things are not that different :-) That said, many employers have cheap student accommodation arranged for prices below what normal rent costs. This is usually the case in remote areas, such as in national parks, where no employees (no matter if international or local) could find an accommodation. And yes, some do have free accommodation, but it’s unusual, so you can’t plan on that. In other places students from all kinds of countries find each other and rent a place together, sharing the cost. This is very common! PLEASE, go to the “How it works” section of the program description, and read about the accommodation arrangements, they are very well described there. Also make sure to play the slideshow with pictures of accommodation, because as always a picture is worth 1,000 words :-) And by the way, every program on our website contains “Financial Guide”, which I believe is what you really need! Find it also in the “How it works” section. Also, we have Albanian students who were on the program and became good personal friends of us, so if you wish, email us a permission and we will send your email address to them and will ask them to contact you. Finally, if you’d like to, we offer Skype consultations, we’ll be very happy to answer all your questions and guide you through the entire process.

  4. Dastan says:

    I am working in local company can I take part for this program?

    Thank you an advance

  5. victor says:

    Am a Nigerian currently studying iin Ukraine. i need a job by summer of 2012. thanks.

    • admin says:

      Hi Victor, if you’d like to apply, go to this program http://www.apex-foundation.org/work-and-travel-usa-apuwtfs/. However, let me in all honesty remind you, that while the program as such is indeed opened to applicants from all countries of the world, the fact that you are a Nigerian citizen studying in Ukraine unfortunately makes the likelihood of your actually receiving the visa quite low. So have a careful look at the cancellation and refund conditions, shown on the “Prices” tab within the program description and make the decision if you want to give it a try.

  6. soumeya ali says:

    i am student at the university of Djibouti. I would really be glad to get an opportunity to work out of my country for 4 or 5 months. it is not easy to get summer job in my country . it will help me to get more confidence to speak english since i’m student at english department. THANK YOU

    • admin says:

      Hi Soumeya Ali, while the Work & Travel USA program as such is open to students from all countries of the world, and we would sincerely love to give you the opportunity to visit the USA, we are afraid that the likelihood that you, as a citizen of Djibouti, would actually receive the J1 visa from the USA embassy is close to zero. We can’t prevent you from applying, everybody can, but sadly, we don’t expect you to be able to actually participate.

  7. Amadu Tijani says:

    I am a student n Ghana and i would like to participate in dis years student work and travel in U.S.A but does not have job offer yet so can please place me i any of the states and job like post office work or any resturant work.

  8. stephen Adomako says:

    I am a travel and tour operator in Ghana and I would like be an agent for you in Ghana.Concerning the summer work and travel in U.S.A.Please what do I do?

    • admin says:

      Dear Steven, we don’t normally work with agents. As you can see here on our website, we are a pure-play internet operation, and we cater to students like to apply for programs directly. But send us an email please, we will forward it to our colleagues who do use agents in their operation.

    • Hi , how are you ?
      I want to travel to USA & work in USA ?
      What should I do?

  9. Ulukbek says:

    Hi, I’m student from Kyrgyzstan and I’ve already registered in Work&Travel program, self-placement. Thats why I’m searching for a summer job in USA now… So, could you help me in my search?

  10. Felix Adjei Boafo says:

    please I am a student in ghana and I am taking part in a a summer work and travel programme in the state… I am doing a self placement…that means, I am finding a job and accomodation by my self…I want to know what you can do for me please…

  11. Duy says:

    The fee of $1000 is mandatory right?

  12. nonny says:

    pls i am a 3rd year medical student in ukraine. am from nigeria and i will like to know the possibility of me getting a summer job this year to any good country. am 23yrs old

  13. Wisdom says:

    am i student from ghana and i want to participate in this year’s Summer Work and Travel. I dot have a job yet. Am i late or i still have the opportunity

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