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Great hopes for Good Hope

Saturday, January 16, 2010 by

Cape Town, South Africa, Victoria and Alfred Waterfront

Cape Town, South Africa

We had a totally awesome meeting with our South African colleagues in Vienna. Very intense 3.5 hours. As said before, Work Travel is paid and self-arranged, so best for experienced worktravelers. Exactly opposite to America, students mostly work in cities. Internships are unpaid, but therefore nice (paid internships always tend to make a helper of you rather than a real intern) and placements are arranged in all kinds of fields. University study is available too, you are pre-placed based on your academic qualifications, and after that you either enroll, or take a university prep course, depending on your language skills. Short-term unpaid placements are also available to students of social services (working with orphans and street children), wildlife protection, best for students of ecology, or veterinary medicine (working with monkeys, chimpanzees, animal orphans, white sharks and penguins), and students of sports can teach children soccer. We will add the programs as soon as humanely possible, there’s a ton of them. Watch this space, or let us know right away that you are interested.

Questions? Ask below :-) In English, please.

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