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Hello from the U.S.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009 by

</p> <p>Leona with schoolmates</p> <p>

In NYC after arrival

Hello everybody! I am writing from Winthrop, Washington, the same place where I spent my summer in 2008. I am very glad I am back here. The last summer was great and I guess this summer is going to be even  better. I took my friends here so it will be much more fun :-D actually it already is much more fun!

Here is six of us total. Me, Marketa who was with me last summer, Marketa’s cousin Veronika, Marketa’s schoolmate Veronika :-) and my friends Kuba and Marek. As many of you, we decided to spend two days in New York City after we arrived in the U.S.A. I have been there three times before and it was as amazing as always.. We stayed there in Broadway Hotel & Hostel which wasn’t very expensive. The first day of our stay it was rainy, but the next day the weather was better and we visited all famous places like Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and so on. Have a look at my photos below.

Now we all live together in small green house and work together as housekeepers in a hotel in Winthrop, Washington. The hotel where we are working is on a hill. It is 12 miles from our house. Our employer lend us a car which we can use to get to the work and to go  shopping or anywhere we want. We also have wi-fi connection at our house so there’s absolutely nothing we could miss. I am working on photo album from Winthrop and here will be more photos soon..

And what about you worktravelers? How is everything going? You can write me comments below this article so don’t worry and go ahead! We are looking forward to seeing your stories and pics as well ;-)

I will be back soon again 8-)


3 Responses to “Hello from the U.S.”
  1. Anonymous Coward says:

    Hi Leona, you say “We stayed there in Broadway Hotel & Hostel which wasn’t very expensive.” How much did it cost? And how good/lousy it was, given that “cheap” and “New York” seldom appear in the same sentence ;-)

    • Leona says:

      Hello! The hostel cost about $40 per night for one person. The hotel is dormitory style so it can happen that you share room with somebody alse. There are rooms for 6 or 8 people. There wasn’t anything special in the room, only three bunk beds, nothing alse but the room was clean. We had room for six people and there were just six of us, so we get one room together. But we had to call to the hostel before arrival and ask them that we want to be all together in one room.

    • admin says:

      Hi, I’m testing the reply feature.

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