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Hipmunk – a novel approach to searching great flights

Saturday, June 25, 2011 by

Hipmunk flight search home page screenshot

Hipmunk home page

You may be looking for your flights on HotWire.com, Expedia.com or any other flight-search sites that we covered recently.  Try Hipmunk!

What is different is the idea that you want to suffer as little “agony” as possible. The term agony combines ALL the things that you want to avoid: high price, too many connections, long waits at airports and arrivals in the wee hours.

Very interesting approach and great interface too!

Have a look at the first screenshot below. The default sorting is by “Agony”. You can see that there are two flights for $728, but with the first one, you’ll get to Vancouver pretty quickly and at comfortable times. While with the other, you will have to get up at 3 in the morning, to be at the airport at 5am to clear the security to depart at 7am. And you won’t be in Vancouver much earlier anyway!

Of course, you can sort the flights by the more traditional criteria as well, but you’ll probably find out that you will actually like the “least agony” flight.

Hipmunk - same price, better flight

Same price, better flight

Hipmunk - use tabs to quickly compare flights

Use tabs for more searches

Hipmunk - click flight to get more info

Click flight for more info

Another super-useful feature is the tabbed interface. What will be better? Flying to New York from Budapest or from Vienna? Do two searches on two tabs and compare the results instantly by clicking back and forth!

You can search by both airport code or city name, and clicking on the flight that you are considering will show you the full details.

All in all, novel approach and excellent interface. Give Hipmunk a try!

Questions? Ask below :-) In English, please.

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