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Hotel Internships in the USA – which hotels qualify

Sunday, July 15, 2012 by

Hotel internship USA

Hotel internship USA

Practically everybody who contacts us about hotel internships in the USA starts with the same question: “Am I eligible?”.

What nobody asks though, is “is my host company (employer) eligible?”. In fact, your employer must meet quite a few conditions to satisfy the requirements of your J1 Intern/Trainee visa.

So today, we’ll have a look at how to find out which hotels qualify.

In reality, the applicants are almost always fine. In 99% cases, it is actually the company, the future employer, that is ineligible! So if you are about to spend weeks or months trying to find yourself a hotel internship in the USA, it makes sense to know which employers qualify and which they don’t.

The full details on what requirements your future employer must meet are shown inside the Internship USA program description. Go to the “How it works” tab. One of the requirements, in the case of hotels, is that they must be rated 3 diamond or stars or higher. Unrated hotels are evaluated on “case-by-case basis”.

If you don’t have an employer yet

If you are only about to start to look for a suitable employer, it’s the best to look just among the rated hotels and avoid the uncertainty of the  “case-by-case” evaluation altogether. Unlike the star ratings, which are assigned by various more or less trusted companies and rating schemes, the diamonds are straightforward. They are issued by the AAA (American Automobile Association). To start finding yourself an internship placement amont qualifying hotels, start from these two lists, which are updated each January:

If you already have an employer

If you already have a hotel that offered you an internship, you may want to check that it qualifies, before you submit your application and pay the processing fee. There are several ways to approach this.

  • Check your hotel’s website – if it has the diamonds, it will probably be proudly showing the rating
  • Check if your hotel is on one of the AAA lists
  • Find your hotel on Hotelguides.com, they show the diamond ratings
  • Ask your manager :-)

If your hotel doesn’t have the rating

Finding a paid internship isn’t easy, and if you already have your internship arranged and now you found out that your hotel doesn’t have the rating, you may want to check the guide below before you drop the internship and start looking for a new one. Keep in mind though that your visa sponsor will make the final decision whether they’ll accept your hotel or not.

Questions? Ask below :-) In English, please.

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