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How many weeks of IELTS course do I need

Sunday, February 24, 2013 by

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IELTS – how many weeks?

With IELTS courses running for anywhere between 4 and 36 weeks, the most obvious question is “how many weeks of IELTS course do I need“? To answer this question, we need to determine why you need the IELTS course, or indeed, if you need it in the first place!

Although IELTS is used for many purposes, for instance a family may need it for immigration to certain countries, most applicants are young people who need certain IELTS score in order to apply to a university abroad.

Let’s have a look at a few examples:

So clearly, you need to find several universities at which you’d like to study, and see what score you need to apply. Knowing what score you will need, the next logical step is to find out what is your approximate score now. That’s determined as a part of your application for the IELTS course. Knowing how many points you’d probably get now, and how many you need, the admissions department of the language school recommends you how many weeks of the IELTS course you should book. But..

Your future university abroad may require more than just the IELTS to accept your application! You may also need A-Levels, GCSE, certain UCAS tariff, etc., depending on the university and your intended destination country. If this is the case, it makes no sense to pay for a separate IELTS course, because what you actually need is a foundation or pre-sessional course. These courses cover both the language skills and the other requirements too. But it’s not just the money that you save by not taking the IELTS separately! Schools running these foundation courses mostly have agreements with various universities about accepting graduates of these courses without the enrollment exam. This can take a huge weight off your heart. And it’s still not everything! In some cases – and we can make recommendations – if you’re good enough, you can be accepted straight to the second year of the uni! And that, saves some serious money!


If you have questions about studying in an English speaking country, contact us and include answers to these questions:

  1. What country are you a citizen of
  2. What is currently your highest achieved degree or certificate
  3. What is your age
  4. What country you’d like to study in
  5. How much money do you plan to spend on your studies
  6. Is it important for you that you can have paid employment while studying?


6 Responses to “How many weeks of IELTS course do I need”
  1. bio boakye dennis says:

    1.am in Ghana.
    3.20 YEARS

  2. Baxa says:

    Please give me some information about that IELTS course in Australia, for example: how much it cost for one year?, how much it accomadation prices?, have this course in New Zealand too?

    • admin says:

      Hi Baxa, only courses that are shown are available through us. In other words, not New Zealand at this time. The full description of the Australian IELTS course and its prices is available here. All prices are shown above on the “Prices” tab. We do NOT have any hidden information that doesn’t show right there. To determine the cost for a year, you need to decide which variant of the course you want to take up, and also what accommodation option you desire. All these options and their prices are shown on the “Prices” tab.

  3. alireza says:

    hello, sir or madam, can tell me please how much money need for ielts to geting

    • admin says:

      Hi Alireza, scroll up, click on “Language Courses” in the menu and choose one that you like. You will find detailed information about prices on the “Prices” panel inside each program description.

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