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How to fill out American Express Traveler’s Check

Wednesday, January 5, 2011 by

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Traveler's Check

Travelers’ checks are the cheapest method of paying the program fees. And it’s the most foolproof one too. International bank transfers costs tens of dollars, and many students have no idea how to make an international money transfer. Bank checks (bank drafts, as they are sometimes called) are no different. Stories of money sent to wrong places, or unusable bank checks abound.

Compared to that, traveler’s checks are simple. They are not “issued”, you simply buy them, like you buy for instance post stamps. In many places, such as directly in American Express, they sell them to you for free, i.e. a $100 check costs $100. Elsewhere, in banks or currency exchanges, the fee is very small. And finally, you just send them to us in an envelope like when you are sending a letter (registered mail recommended), no special knowledge needed.

The only mistake some people make is when they fill out the purchased checks. You need to put 2 (two) signatures on them!

  1. Your Signature
  2. Date
  3. APEX International, LLC. (to make it payable to us)
  4. Your Signature

See below :-)

How to fill out American Express Traveler's Check

How to fill out the American Express Traveler's Check


11 Responses to “How to fill out American Express Traveler’s Check”
  1. murat celık says:

    dear sır
    ı am a teacher ın turkey. can take the travel check.
    my bank halk bankası tas
    duzce subesı
    socıety nymber
    adress duzce governershıp -my offıce
    mobıl- 00 90 542 2038271
    offıce tel- oo 90 380 5241380
    ı am waıtıng your good news.good days- MURAT CELIK-TEACHER.MANAGER

    • admin says:

      Dear Murat Celik, I’m sorry to say that, but I do not understand what you are asking and why you are sharing all the information in your comment.

  2. jhon says:

    Dear Admin i just have a small question please what can be the max ammount of Travelers’ checks per one checks thank you :)

    • admin says:

      Hello, largest I’ve seen was $500, best to ask directly at American Express or at your bank as not all banks carry all denominations.

  3. Sonnie says:

    Hi. thanks for sharing.

    Can you tell me who is this “APEX International, LLC.”? Is he the issuer, agent of issuer from whom i purchase this travellers cheque ?


  4. Vella says:

    Hi, if the “Pay this cheque to the order of” is in my name and my signature is the same name top and bottom to that would this cheque be valid ?

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