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How to hire an Intern – a view into employer’s mind (Updated)

Friday, February 11, 2011 by

A screenshot of a GigaOM article "How to hire an intern"

What's on employer's mind

Are you thinking about doing an internship abroad? And are you wondering what’s on the mind of prospective employers? Read an article from the other side of the barricade! Tips for employers thinking about hiring an intern.

The primary mistake many students make is confusing internship with a job. We’d say that this advice to the employers is pretty convincing in explaining that internship is not a job: “Decide how much time the intern should spend with you.”

UPDATE: A big sorry, here’s the link: http://gigaom.com/collaboration/how-to-hire-an-intern/

You might argue that we have an axe to grind because we offer internship programs.  But we are totally honest here. If finding a humble summer job abroad individually is close to impossible, finding an internship is even harder. And finding by yourself a full-time one, let alone one that’s paid, falls in the same category as winning a lottery. And we are not even talking about accommodation during your internship.

Whatever you make of the article, if you are realistic about your internship, your best bet is to apply for an internship program. Sure internship programs do cost money, because it’s hard even for the program sponsors to find good internships. But if you are serious about your career, you will remember another sentence from the article: “Almost everyone I’ve ever hired as an employee has started as an intern.”

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