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Jan & Pavlina: working at Cable, WI and USA travels – SWT 2009

Wednesday, June 30, 2010 by

Exchange Students at Niagara Falls SWT USA 2009

At the Niagara Falls

Hello work-and-travelers and APEX,

I would like to tell you something about our trip to the USA. We decided to go to the USA in autumn 2008. I mean me, my girlfriend Pavlína and our friend Petra. We received our job placement in early April and we were very surprised because we got a job in Wisconsin.

We took off on the 22nd of June. We flew from Prague to Brussels and from Brussels to New York (Newark) because it seemed to be the cheapest and the shortest way. We landed at the Newark airport after 9 hours in the plane. But New York was only a changing station for us.

After two days we had to go to the Airport again. Our destination was a town on the bank of Lake Superior which is called Duluth. Our employer was supposed to wait there for us at the airport. After landing we collected our luggage and went outside the airport but nobody was expecting us there. We got a little bit nervous but he arrived after an hour, fortunately.

Waiting at Duluth airport SWT-2009

Nervous at the airport

Student's restaurant workplace SWT 2009

We worked here

Exchange Students at the Lake Superior SWT 2009

Lake Superior

We worked at Telemark resort as a resort staff. So we did everything what was necessary to do, especially in housekeeping, in the kitchen and in the restaurant. It was very worthy because we had a lot of overtimes. We had more than fifty hours every week that is why we did not have to look for a second job. Telemark resort is a well-known large recreation center in Wisconsin.

There were six foreign students at Telemark, three of us and three students from China. We made friends with them and we had a lot of fun together. We also made many trips with other employees and people.

European and Chinese exchange students SWT 2009

With Chinese students

Exchange student at the Fishing Hall of Fame SWT 2009

Fishing Hall of Fame

Exchange students staff party SWT 2009

Staff party

The work was over too soon and we decided for a little big traveling. Employees at Telemark resort were very nice people and took us to the airport in Minneapolis. It is more than 3 hours driving. After that we spent a couple more hours in an airplane to Las Vegas.

There was a very nice view of Las Vegas from the airplane when we were landing because it was getting dark and the city started to light. There we got very cheap accommodation at Cirkus-Cirkus hotel. It was less than 15 dollars per a day per a person and trust me this is a very good deal.

Next day we rented a car and set out to Arizona. But driving a car in Vegas wasn’t so easy how I thought. But for GPS navigation help I would drove there even now. Arizona was very interesting place for us and we wanted to see a few best-known places there. First point on our plan wasn’t of course anything else than Grand Canyon.

Exchange student at Monument Valley SWT 2009

Monument Valley

Exchange students in Washington, D.C. SWT 2009

Washington, D.C.

Exchange student before City Hall in Philadephia SWT 2009

City Hall, Philadelphia

After couple of days spent on the Westside of the US we decided to travel to the Eastside. We traveled from Las Vegas to New York. There we made many trips as well. We visited Niagara Falls, 1000 Islands, Washington D.C. , Philadelphia. It was an amazing adventure for us.

Me in front of The Independence hall in Philadelphia. The declaration of independence of the USA was signed in that building behind me [above].

When I summarize our stay in the USA I have to admit it was the best summer I have ever experienced. I traveled through whole America, I made new friends I tried to live American life and of course I improved my English skill. I recommend to everyone to participate it is an invaluable experience for life.

[APEX Bootnote: Pavlina became our Student Cooperator at her school after she returned]

A former exchange student does SWT USA info meeting at school

Pavlina at her school

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