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Leona writes from Winthrop, Washington

Sunday, July 26, 2009 by

<p>View Point on the North Cascade Hwy</p>

View Point on the North Cascade Hwy, WA

Hi everybody!!! Hope you all are doing great and enjoying summer in USA! We all are doing fine here in Winthrop.

We still are working only 5 days a week. When we have a day off, we usually go hiking, swimming or shopping :-)

Last week we got our first paycheck so we decided to go shopping. Winthrop is a small town in North Cascade Mountains and the nearest bigger city Burlington is about 130 miles far away.

We woke up early in the morning and got on our way to Burlington. It seemed to be a great day, everything was going well, just except of our moody car.

Because Burlington is on the other side of North Cascade Mountains, we had to pass all the way over the mountains. After we passed about 30 miles, our car stopped working. We were sitting inside wondering what happened and what will we do? Staying in the middle of nowhere…

I tried to call to our employer, but he explained there is no car service around. Great! We probably have to stay there waiting till somebody drives around (or the grizzly bear comes to have its breakfast). Suddenly, the car started working. Uff! And because it worked normally, so we got to Burlington.

However, on the back way the car stopped working again. That was much more scary, staying at night in the middle of the forest. But we all hoped it will work again after 10 minutes :-) And it really happened! Finally we enjoyed a great trip and we got home luckily!

And how about you? How do you spend your spare time and days off? Go shopping or enjoying sports? Let me know, hm?

<p>North Cascade Mountains, WA</p>

North Cascade Mountains

<p>Our moody car</p>

Our moody car

<p>The North Cascade Hwy, WA</p>

The North Cascade Hwy

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