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Lucie writes about working at fairs

Saturday, September 19, 2009 by

<p>York Fair Pennsylvania</p>

York Fair in Pennsylvania

Hello Apex,

thank you for your e-mail. You can send the checks to the US. We are looking forward to working as students cooperators in the upcoming season as well! I will talk to all the other people about it and see if we can work it out.

Anyways, right now we are working at the York Fair in PA, which is the America’ s oldest fair. (after that we go to next one in Bloomsburg)

If I get to make some pictures, I can send you some later. First two days were terrible, because we got washed out by heavy rain, but the rest of the fair seems to be OK.

Kelly Clarkson (US Superstar) was performing on the first day of the fair but she barely filled up the Grand Stand to one third of the capacity.

On free stage there is a group called Vocal Trash and they ”play” on garbage cans and all kinds of garbage and I have to say that they are pretty good.

At the fair you can also see regular things as Racing pigs and horses on parade, the man with the geese (the geese follow him everywhere and are wearing scarfs and backpacks, they are just adorable and by the way they love Kohr’ s Orangeade)

The kids are coming here with their parents to see cows and sheep and goats and horses and rabbits and other animals.

Every day there is different program on free stages and great shows under the Grand stand. ( on Thursday, there is an Alice Cooper concert and I think on Friday there will be Jeff Dunham on the stage with his puppets – I love that guy )

So even though we are working hard, we don’t forget to have fun and enjoy everything whatever it takes!!! I hope I will talk to you later and see you maybe sometime in winter!

Greetings from Lucie, Patricie and Greg.

<p>By the Kohr's stand</p>

By the Kohr's stand

<p>Night at the fair</p>

Night at the fair

<p>View from Kohr's cafe</p>

View from Kohr's cafe

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