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How much money do I need to get Australian visa?

Monday, December 9, 2013 by

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There is no amount of money to get Australian visa. However, there are amounts that you are required to possess in order to be able to apply for Australian visa. The consuls take many other factors into consideration when deciding whether or not visa should be granted.

But yes, one of the factors indeed is the applicants ability to cover his or her costs of living in Australia without having to work there!

And how much is it? For students, which is our target group here, it’s AU$18,610 for 12 months, beyond any and all course fees and return flight ticket. That’s at the time of publication of this post.

For up-to-date amounts click here: Student Visa Living Costs and Evidence of Funds.

Common Question 1: “But I can work and make money while in Australia, can’t I?” Well, as a student, you are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week (and 40 during vacations), but the Australian government’s point is that they don’t want you to have to work! You must have enough money to live on, and if you decide to work, it has to be for extra income or to get practical experience.

Common Question 2: “My uncle has plenty of money, he will support me, is it OK?” It’s totally amazing, but for the purpose of your visa application, the funds must be on your account (i.e. account that bears your name), not on your uncle’s one.

Common Question 3: “So my uncle could wire the money to my account and I’d send them back once I get the visa, right?” This is called fraud. And way too many people tried this little trick (and worse) before. So depending on where you are from and other aspects of your background, the consuls will perform all kinds of checks to make sure your ownership of the funds is genuine, before they grant you the visa.

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