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New booking system taking shape

Sunday, September 6, 2009 by

New web application

New web application

As you know, we allow students to apply to programs directly over the internet. And not only that, we allow our Student Cooperators to register their friends and schoolmates and earn various benefits, all the way to participating for free.

We are currently working feverishly on a brand new system, which will make working with us as a cooperator not only easier, but you will be able to register other students for programs in many more countries than previously. You will also be able to register your friends regardless where they are from in the world, for instance those, who you met through Facebook and similar sites.

The system will offer not just American Work & Travel programs, but also British Work-Experience programs, Australian Work & Study programs, interesting language courses (Spanish in Chile combined with salsa dancing, or financial English in London with the basics of British accounting anybody?), preparation programs for studying at US and UK universities, and more.

The system is supposed to be ready at the beginning of October, to take advantage of the beginning of semester in many countries of the northern hemisphere.

Obviously, not everything will be available from the day one, but things and features will be added over time. Check regularly to see what’s new.

Or.. Interested in testing? Drop us a line!

Questions? Ask below :-) In English, please.

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