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New B&R Hospitality Employment UK program

Thursday, October 27, 2011 by

A chambermaid in a hotel in the UK with Romanian and Bulgarian flags

B&R UK Program

This Work & Study program has been created specifically for citizens of Bulgaria and Romania.

14 weeks of English course with up to 20 hours/week of self-arranged work in London, and the 16 weeks of  full-time work experience placement in the hospitality industry.

And why this special? Young people from Bulgaria and Romania sit somewhere in the middle when it comes to Work Experience programs in the UK. The can not participate in the regular Work Experience programs which involve just working. But can work more during work & study programs than non-EU participants.

This program is basically a combination of General English UK course and Work Experience UK Level 1. That satisfies the UK regulations for issuing the “Yellow Card” to citizens of Bulgaria and Romania.

To see how the program works out financially, check our Financial Guide on the “How it works” tab of the program description.

Find the full description of the program here: http://www.apex-foundation.org/hospitality-employment-uk-for-bulgarians-romanians/

If you have any friends in Bulgaria or Romania, send them our way :-)


4 Responses to “New B&R Hospitality Employment UK program”
  1. Alina says:

    Dear Madam/Sir,
    I found your site on the Internet and I saw that you have created this program for Romanians and Bulgarians. I am from Romania. Me and my boyfriend have been thinking for a while now to go study abroad and also work while studying and we would be pleased if we could get the chance to go to the UK with work and study. But my question is : would it be a problem if we are a couple? I read that you don’t get to choose your placement. Therefore, is it possible that we could be placed in different areas?
    Thank you,

    • admin says:

      Hi Alina, thank you very much for your comment, we’ll love to help you spend some time in the UK working and studying. We also understand your desire to spend your time abroad together perfectly. You will definitely be together during the 14-week language course. But it is unfortunately very unlikely that you could be placed together during the 16-week work experience part. Employers generally do not hire couples. Try to tell a normal employer in your own country that you’d like to work for their company, but only if they also hire your boyfriend. You can obviously *ask* the program sponsor for attempting to place you together, but you have to be fully prepared for it to turn out to be impossible. If you are a university/college students, both of you, you could try the Work & Travel USA program, which actually offers placing friends and couples together for extra $50/ea. If you’d like to discuss all your options with us over Skype, please email us to schedule a call, depending on who you are (age, education, etc.) there may be other possibilities too.

  2. Cristina Dudau says:

    Good day.Is this programme still available?I am a romanian citizen and I would love to hear more about it,especially the fees.Thank you

    • admin says:

      Hello Cristina, sadly no, this program was shut down quite quickly after it was introduced. If you are a tertiary student (university, college) you could instead do either Work & Travel USA, or Work & Travel South Africa. If you have hospitality background, you could also do the Internship USA program, although that is not a placement program, you need to find your internship yourself.

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