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Newsletter 07/2009 – 2

Friday, July 24, 2009 by

<p>As sent by email</p>

As sent by email

Hi Worktravelers!

We are beginning second series of our traditional newsletters. As we gradually move everything to a new system, older newsletters will be archived and accessible at a later date. It’s not possible yet.

If you never received a newsletter from us, let us tell you that we simply discuss stuff that always interests participants who are currently in the USA.The newsletters are rather frequent and short, because we know that you don’t have time to read volumes of our prose when you get the chance to be on the internet.

So what’s coming up? Higher minimum wage, sharing how others looked for a second job, and more.

YOUR STORY:  Have you looked for a second job? Yes? No? Why? If you did, write us briefly how you did it! And we will share your experience.

Stay tuned and have fun :-)

P.S. Our new system doesn’t yet have proper newsletter-management software in place. So if you don’t like our missives, just delete them together with that Viagra(TM) stuff :-)

Questions? Ask below :-) In English, please.

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