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Newsletter 6/27: Taxes, Last Paycheck, Stories (USA)

Sunday, June 27, 2010 by

Yellowstone North Entrance

Yellowstone Entrance

Hi Worktravelers! Most of you are already in the USA and some of you may be getting your first paycheck – time to make sure you pay only the taxes you have to pay!

Under the Work & Travel visa, you only have to pay the Income Tax. Nothing else! The income tax is always federal, but sometimes also state and local one. Your employer’s accountant may not know what visa you have and may deduct other taxes from your paycheck. So once you get your first paycheck, make sure that you are not being deducted anything else than the income tax. Namely, you don’t pay FICA (unemployment tax) and Social Security Tax. That’s right! You have your Social Security Card, but you do not pay Social Security Tax. This is explained in the Dear Employer Letter you’ve got from your visa sponsor. And if anything’s unclear, call your visa sponsor and ask for assistance.

You may argue that it’s way too early to think about your last paycheck, but the problems are the same every year. And one of last-year’s participants finally got his last paycheck this week! Why? Because if you leave your employer on any other day than it’s the payday – how do you think you will receive your last paycheck?! Sure, some employers may mail it to you, provided that they know your home address, but in many cases, leaving before a payday means throwing your money away. Think about it now, and plan the end of your employment accordingly.


A few more experienced worktravelers mentioned that you should keep your paycheck stubs. From all your jobs, if you have more than one. If you have trouble getting your W2 from your employer(s) next February, you can do your taxes based on your paychecks.

We’ve got one story with pictures and two emails this week. They are posted on our blog:
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