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Newsletter 7/04: How others are doing, plus cars, rentals

Sunday, July 4, 2010 by

Exchange Students with beaten car SWT USA 2003

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Hi Worktravelers!

Hope the big holiday weekend was not just busy and money-making, but also fun, especially if you are in the USA for the first time.

We talked over Skype with Patricie in Seaside Heights, NJ. She and her boyfriend Lukas both have two jobs, working between 12 and 15 hours a day for 6 days a week. They have just under $8 in one job and over $8 in the other, so if they stay for 12 weeks and don’t collapse from exhaustion, they are going to be doing pretty well. They both sell ice cream and Patricie does housekeeping in a nearby motel as a second job, while Lukas works as a lifeguard in local waterpark.

As always, we will try to call as many of you as possible to be able to give the newcomers next year a good picture of what they can expect. If you are on Skype, please add us to your address book (apex.text.call.center) so that we can make arrangements over chat. And if you are not on Skype, let us know a good time to call.

Pavlina & Jan who worked last year in Telemark Resort in Wisconsin sent their story with pictures: http://bit.ly/biltRp
Eva & Jan, who are currently working in the Coveleight Club, NY sent pictures to accompany their first email: http://bit.ly/9GjRsk

Newsletter 6/20 shared both tips and resources for finding a (second) job: http://bit.ly/ae2LCk
Newsletter 6/27 shared tips re: what to do now about taxes and paychecks: http://bit.ly/c08fmX

Many students dream about buying a car in the USA as it’s wonderful to be independently mobile. Some actually do it: http://bit.ly/cREytr and there are some, who even take the car home from the USA. But.. A few guys bought a car for $1,300 and then spent over $3,000 on towings and repairs on their way to California. A guy bought a stolen car and got in trouble. A group of students bought a van together and they never all agreed upon a price to sell it for. Etc. Generally, unless you know what you are doing, buying a car can be a trouble. Let us know if you want to know more about it. But many students had fun having their own cars, so this is a good place to check if you are thinking about it: http://bit.ly/dDj4Pj

Many rental companies, or their locations refuse to rent cars to persons under 25 years. So it may take some shopping around to find a place that will rent to you, if you are youger than 25. Few hints: It’s more expensive to return the car in another location than where you rented it, sometimes can this “drop-off” charge be pretty hefty. The rent will always cost more than you think, because the companies do not advertise all kind of insurance you will end up buying. Returning the car without a full tak of gas is very expensive. Driving off-road vehicles off-road is generally forbidden. We like the last rental company ;-) http://www.hertz.com/, http://www.dollar.com/, http://www.alamo.com/http://www.nationalcar.com/, http://www.avis.com/, http://www.rentawreck.com/

It’s a kind of legendary, so you may have heard about it. You drive somebody’s car somewhere far away – he gets his car transported, you get free transport. Obviously, there may not be always a car heading the same direction where you want to travel. Students did this before, some even traveled around the entire USA this way and all reported that it was undilluted fun. Don’t scratch the car though! Use your friend Google to search for “driveaway”, or browse Yellow Pages under “Auto Transporters and Drive-Away Companies.” Two examples: http://bit.ly/9PVgm7 and http://bit.ly/c911LI (1-800-346-2277)

A real big RV can be expensive. But there are companies that rent vans, complete with camping gear, and those come out quite affordable if 4 or 6 students rent one together. Unfortunately, most RV rentals do not show their prices outright. You must complete an online reservation to see their rates, which makes looking for a good deal hideously time-consuming. To get an idea, try this: http://bit.ly/cWObrK or your friend Google: http://bit.ly/bZtFOihttp://bit.ly/aWSz5a

Well, and that’s about it. Good luck making money for those trips and don’t forget to write and send pics from around your workplace!

NEXT WEEK: Traveling together – find a group


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