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Orientation – InterExchange Work Travel USA 2010

Tuesday, April 13, 2010 by

Work Travel USA (SWT USA) InterExchange Orientation

Take the Orientation

Important! All participants are required to download and view the Orientation slideshow and answer and upload the Questionnaire below. You can NOT receive your visa documents before we receive the Questionnaire with your correct answers!

The orientation materials include:

  1. Orientation slideshow
  2. Last year (2009) Orientation slideshow
  3. Orientation Questionnaire

What to do first:

  1. Download and view the Orientation slideshow (.ppt)
  2. Download, print,  fill out the Questionnaire and sign all its pages
  3. If you can’t answer some questions, view the 2009 Orientation slideshow embedded below

What to do next:

  1. Scan the filled out and signed Questionnaire
  2. Save it as .jpg and include your name in the file names (ex. JohnSmith-1.jpg)
  3. Upload the files using the upload tool below on this page

What will happen after that:

  1. We will review your answers in the Questionnaire
  2. If correct, we will send you the visa documents and instructions
  3. You will follow the visa-application instructions

HURRY, you can not receive your visa documents before we get your correct answers!

– Additional materials:

  1. Participant handbook (download, print and take with you to the USA)
  2. Inside the USA (download, print and take with you to the USA)
  3. 2009 Orientation slideshow (scroll down, some things were better explained there!)

– Insurance materials:

  1. Insurance information (download, print, take to the USA!)
  2. Insurance ID Card (download, print, take to the USA!)
  3. Insurance Claim Form (download, print, take to the USA!)

IMPORTANT:  This insurance is mandatory. But if you are not comfortable using American insurance and deal with American insurance company on your own in English, we urge you to buy additional insurance in your home country, which you are able to use. This insurance has been arranged by InterExchange, Inc. and APEX Foundation can offer no assistance with this insurance!

Upload your filled out and signed Questionnaire:

The 2009 Orientation slideshow:

Recommended, some things are clearer here than in the new one.

Questions? Ask below :-) In English, please.

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