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Story from Story Land, NH – where Monika & Veronika work

Sunday, July 3, 2011 by

Monika & Veronika who work in Story Land, NH - Work Travel USA 2011

Monika & Veronika

Hi Worktravelers, wonder how others are doing? We asked you, and of all of you who responded, Monika and Veronika were the first who also sent pics. They were one of those who were interviewed directly by their employer via Skype.

International students work in Story Land for almost 20 years. There are rooms for 2 people with bathroom, a common building with gym and WiFi, and the park runs a bus for students to go shopping or on trips. Here’s what the girls have to say. With 10 pics:

Hi Apex!

Thank you for your message. I arrived in the US on Monday, June 13. When I came to JFK airport, 2 other planes landed at the same time as the Austrian airlines so there were approximately 1, 000 tourists at the airport, waiting for the immigration office. (we spent hours at the airport so it was a nice welcome:D

I flew together with Veronika Straková from Slovakia,  we went together to  the hotel New Yorker, we had the orientation there and then we did some sightseeing (saw Central Park, Times Square and other famous places).

Actually, we stood only one night at hotel, the other night we took a bus to Boston and then from Boston to New Hampshire (we didn’t sleep in Boston !) In New Hampshire ( in North Conway), not a manager, but the other representant from Story Land waited for us.

As we arrived in Story Land, we had to do some paperwork and then we got our room.

Story Land NH - cottages where we live - Work Travel USA 2011

We live here

Story Land NH - our room - Work Travel USA 2011

Our room

Story Land NH - students' kitchen - Work Travel USA 2011

Students' kitchen

I like working in Story Land, I like the atmosphere here that is very very friendly and what I love the most about my job, that’s definitely ” the permission” to talk to others (because when I worked in Slovakia I never could talk to other people at work).

However, this place is not perfect because nobody’s perfect and nothing’s perfect. Every day I work in a different fastood and I never know which fast food I will be working in ” today”.I’m supposed to work from 9:am until 5pm but as I said, I never know where I will be working, so it happens that I wait from 9am until they put me somewhere – and they put me somewhere in an hour or 2 hours and thus I will get paid less due to lack of working hours :(  —PS: my international colleagues have exactly the same problem as me ). In other words, the organization really sucks here, in Story Land.

Your colleague, Ondrej called me yesterday via skype. He gave me very useful advices and I told him what I wrote here.

As soon as I take some photos of Story Land, my room etc. I will send you.

Have a great day!

Story Land NH - we sell tickets to rides - Work Travel USA 2011

We sell tickets for this

Story Land NH - Monika & Veronika - Work Travel USA 2011

In Story Land

Story Land NH - Monika with clown - Work Travel USA 2011

Monika with clown


I apologize that I am writing so late, but I had a lot of work last days. I am very satisfied with my job and with my employer, too. She is very friendly, kind to me and she really cares about what I need. I met with another participant Monika at the airport and we were traveling together. Now we are very good friends and live in one room together. I really liked New York, it’s so an amazing city, but NH is beautiful, too. We live in the middle of beautiful mountains, I love the nature here.  :)

I think I have enough work hours, however it was raining today, so I had to stay home, because there was nothing to do in the park. I work like a ride operator, it means I have to tell people something about the ride, what it’s allowed and forbidden to do during a ride. I meet a lot of small children every day, so work in the park brings me a lot of fun and pleasure. :)

Have a nice day!

Hi team Apex!

I would like to share my photos from the US with you. I am sending you some of my favourite ones from Story Land in NH plus accomodation.

The kitchen is not situated in my room, but it’s ” the private kitchen” for us, international students to cook the meal. The blue bus is the Story Land bus that takes us to a shop or for a trip. I like it because it’s always fun when a bus driver gives a lift.

Have a great day,

Story Land NH - our bathroom - Work Travel USA 2011

Our bathroom

Story Land NH - fairy tale houses - Work Travel USA 2011

Fairy tale houses

Story Land NH - bus for students - Work Travel USA 2011

Bus for students

[This is Monika’s and Veronika’s 1st summer in America through APEX Foundation. They are participating in Work and Travel USA with Job Placement. Veronika is already planning what places she will visit in the USA next year(!) when she will participate again :-) ]


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  1. Ivo says:

    Hi girls. This summer i’ll work in Story Land and I have a question – Is it easy to find a second job there ?

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