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Take a course of Law, Marketing or Finance English in New York

Sunday, August 21, 2011 by

Courses of English for Specific Purposes in New York

English for Specific Purposes

Courses of “English for Specific Purposes” are usually short. If you are thinking of an international career in law, marketing or finance and you are in America right now, you should not miss this opportunity! After all, you wouldn’t fly to New York from your home to take a week-long course, right?

Do you know what is subpoena, writ, tort or plaintiff? Do you understand that “Unleveraged beta is the beta of an unleveraged required return (i.e., no debt) on an investment when the investment is financed entirely by equity.”? And how about anchor bias, back-haul provision or quota-bonus compensation?

Especially if you are planning to visit New York anyway, apply now! How many of other graduates, with whom you’ll be competing for jobs, will be able to boast that they studied English for Finance in New York?

  • English for Finance, 5 days, starts September 13, 2011
  • English for Marketing, 5 days,  starts September, 19, 2011
  • English for Law starts, 5 days,  September 26th, 2011

These courses are not your classic language classes, where you try to learn new words. Have a look at these brief descriptions:


Learn historical economic theory and financial principles from an experienced professional. Discuss current trends in the world of finance with other professionals in a mature, friendly environment.

Sales and Marketing

In this specialized course, students learn terminology for communicating marketing concepts effectively, as well as sales negotiation techniques. Learn to present and communicate your ideas to colleagues with ease in an encouraging environment.


In this specialized course, learn principles of U.S. commercial and civil law while reviewing cases with professionals in the field. Compare and discuss differences in international laws and gain insight into the American legal system in this stimulating course.

Click for full details: English for Finance, English for Marketing, English for Law.

The provider of these courses have been shortlisted for 2011 Star English Language School North America by the Language Travel Magazine!



2 Responses to “Take a course of Law, Marketing or Finance English in New York”
  1. Marlene Sanchez says:

    i want to know if you have some one course for the next month about finance or marketing

    thank you

    • admin says:

      Hello Marlene, thank you for your inquiry! We’ll check with the admissions department and will let you know immediately. Thank you for your patience!

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