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US Embassy web forum in Budapest

Friday, March 6, 2009 by

Budapest Work & Travel USA embassy forum

Budapest Work & Travel USA Embassy forum

The US Embassy in Budapest never cease to amaze me with just how much they do to promote traveling to the USA in general, and the exchange programs in particular. As far as I can tell, Hungary is the only country in the region that’s growing in numbers of participants. A tip of my biggest hat to the embassy staff.

Still, speaking about a web forum, I was fully expecting a username/password in an e-mail. So when Erika wrote “and see you at the Bank Center tomorrow at 2:30pm”, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Cue frantic packing, making last minute reservations, etc. and driving to Budapest like a maniac.

That said, it was well worth it. As Dan Travis (the Consul) said, it was a “communal” event, and really the atmosphere they created was absolutelly wonderful, especially if you realize that all of us who were there, are to a varying degree competitors.

Another awkward moment came when I realized that I was the only person in the room, who didn’t speak Hungarian. OMG, I told myself, this is it, I’m gonna just sit here, try to keep a  neutral smile on my face, pretend I’m in deep thoughts about the questions and wait until it’s over.

So the next suprise was when Erika, who is the consul’s assistant, offered me to be my translator and typist for the session. Wow, such a relief, I didn’t know how to thank her enough. (Yeah, I know the invoice is in mail…)

So yes, in the end I was really glad that this web forum actually required my physical presence there. Even though it took me 10 hours of driving. Looking forward to the next event!

Oh and what remains is to pester other embassies to take cue from the Budapest one and put their weight behind the programs. If somebody’s been living under a rock lately – the programs need it!

P.S. Are you a student in Hungary? Read the questions & answers here:


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