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USA Tax Return 2010 – what you need to do now

Saturday, January 29, 2011 by

Image of 1040NR-EZ Tax Return form

Tax Return form

In most countries, if you overpay your taxes, you can get the amount you overpaid back. Same in the USA. You’ll fill out the tax form, and if you overpaid, the US Government will send you a check, returning you the money you overpaid.

By the way, this is not optional! You worked in the USA for a pay, so you are actually required to do your taxes – like every working American. On the other hand, you need to file your 1040NR-EZ by April 15th, so there’s still plenty of time.

Depending on what country you are from, the term “tax return” may sound magical to you. Calm down. There’s no magic involved, it’s just a name. It is a perfectly ordinary tax form like people in your own country complete. It may be called “tax declaration” or something similar in your home country.


Work and Travel USA participants work in the USA for such a short time, that you either made less than is the non-taxable amount – in which case you’ll get all your taxes back. Or just a little bit extra, in which case you’ll get most of your taxes back. Bottom line: most of you can expect a check for a few hundred dollars!

And so what is it that you need to do now?


Or employers, if you had more than one job.

Employers are required to send W2’s to all their employees in January. So if yours hasn’t arrived so far, don’t panic just yet. However, if it doesn’t arrive by mid-February, contact your employer and ask what may be wrong. Chances are that your employer doesn’t have your home address (did you leave him your home address as we recommended you?) or he wrote it in such a way that the envelope got lost. In any case, get in touch and get your W2.


If you’ve been helping us to get the word out about us at your school, for instance by placing posters at message boards, we will do two things to help you in return:

  1. We will send you detailed line instructions for completing and filing the form
  2. You will be able to ask us questions if you don’t understand the instructions

As every year, we will be sending the line instructions in the second half of February.


4 Responses to “USA Tax Return 2010 – what you need to do now”
  1. Annika says:

    Is the W2 form the only thing I need? And can I do the tax return thin online? If yes then what is the page where I can do it?

    • admin says:

      Hi Anika, not knowing who you are (resident, non-resident, non-resident but resident for tax purposes, etc.) I’d recommend that go to http://www.irs.org/ which is the official website of the US federal tax authority and seek information there. W2 form is “wage and tax record”, it certifies how much you were paid by an employer and what amount of tax has already been withdrawn from your pay.

  2. Nieck says:


    Momenteel zit ik in m’n laatste week stage in New York. Ik moet echter mijn tax form (1040NR-EZ) invullen, alleen kom er niet goed uit.

    Zouden jullie mij de instructies in het Nederlands willen toesturen?

    Alvast bedankt!



    • admin says:

      Dear Nieck, I’m are sorry, but we are not tax advisers. We just publish these posts. I suggest that you go to the IRS website, http://www.irs.gov and look for “taxpayer help”. Apart from the IRSs own resources, you’ll find even companies and organizations that help taxpayers there, in some instances for free.

Questions? Ask below :-) In English, please.

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