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USA Tax Time

Wednesday, February 23, 2011 by

Screenshot of the top of the front page of US Tax Guide for Aliens

US Tax Guide for Aliens

If you worked in the USA last year, you need to file your taxes before April 18th, 2010. In summer, while you were still in the USA, we wrote you that you would need W2 form from your employer (or employers if you had more than one job), and a few weeks ago, we reminded you again to get one.

So what to do next? Most worktravelers will be OK* using form 1040NR EZ (non-resident eezee ;-) That is if you are a single student who just arrived in the US, worked during summer vacations, returned home and got your W2 (or several W2’s).

Students who help us promote programs can request simplified line-by-line tips how to complete and file the tax return. Others can either start helping us, or can download the form f1040 NR EZ here and the IRSĀ instructions i1040 NR EZ here.

If your tax situation is more complicated, you may need a different form and perhaps also professional assistance. You can either use free assistance available directly from the IRS – find your nearest IRS office on the IRS website. Or you can use paid tax preparers.

Just keep in mind that whoever helps you prepare your taxes, it is always you who is responsible!

Below are select IRS videos that we consider most relevant for US worktravelers.



*Disclaimer: We are a students’ exchange organization, not tax professionals! Our tips are based on experience of past participants and we make no claims that they are either correct or fit for anyone’s particular situation.

Questions? Ask below :-) In English, please.

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