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Video – Caring for orphan elephants in Kenya

Tuesday, March 23, 2010 by

Caring for orphaned baby elephants in Kenya

Baby elephant

As we are preparing the launch of our African volunteer program applications, you may want to enjoy a short video about how baby elephants are taken care of :-)

As the narrator explains, it costs about $900 a month just to feed them, and since part of your program fees go to the charities that care for the animals, you might be proud that you contributed your part. Enjoy :-)

P.S. Meet us next Tuesday in Szeged and on Wednesday in Budapest!


4 Responses to “Video – Caring for orphan elephants in Kenya”
  1. Anthony Paetro says:

    Please send me information about volunteering as a long-term keeper of the orphaned elephanhts.
    Thank you,
    Anthony Paetro

    • admin says:

      Hi Anthony, we are sorry, this is a year and a half old post and unfortunately the animal orphanage program is not available anymore.

  2. stella says:

    hello admin, program orphanage for baby elephant is available? if you can give me information thank you very much, Hello

    • admin says:

      Hi Stella, yes, this is still available, though in South Africa, not in Kenya and the elephants are not orphans there. We don’t have this particular project on the website, but it’s very similar to this one Volunteer in a Monkey Sanctuary in South Africa. The price is €480 per week for the elephant project and the minimum duration is 2 weeks, which includes accommodation (but not food).

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