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Volunteer Programs

  • Visit exotic places while working there as a volunteer.
  • The largest part of the fees is usually your accommodation.
  • Financial sponsoring is not included, if you wish to go for free, you need to find your own.
  • Depending on your field of study, a volunteer program can be an internship for you!
  • The programs are run by organizations, schools and charities in the destination countries.

Some people are surprised that volunteering costs money. Consider what experienced people have to say.

The author of the great website transire benefaciendo “to travel along while doing good” says:

“unless you are highly skilled and ready to commit to at least six months abroad, you need to be prepared to pay to volunteer.” We would add unless you are highly skilled, going to provide relief after a major disaster, or traveling with a more or less informal group, be prepared to pay. Read the entire article here: http://www.coyotecommunications.com/travel/go_and_do_good.html.

The author of Jayne Blog on nonprofits/ngos says:

“I absolutely agree with VSO, which said young people are often better off backpacking in developing countries, traveling and getting to know local people simply as paying tourists, rather than paying for most “voluntourism” experiences.”

But she ends with:

“Involving international volunteers is expensive. Someone has to pay for the volunteer’s transportation to the country, transportation in the country, housing, training, staff supervision and support, work permits from the government, and security. In addition, it’s much more beneficial to local, poor or developing communities to use funds to hire local people to serve food, build houses, educate young people, provide medical care, etc., than to use those resources to bring in an outside volunteer for those activities local people want to be paid to do themselves. Therefore, if you want a short-term volunteering assignment, be prepared to pay — both to cover your costs and to ensure that you aren’t taking local jobs.” The entire post is here http://blogs.forumer.com/jcravens/&thisy=2010&thism=7&thisd=7

Here are two more classic articles which you may want to read:

Why Pay Money to Volunteer? Reflections from Nicaragua on the Benefits of Arranged Volunteerism

All these are voices of experienced people that we suggest you ponder. And if you decide that the programs listed in this category are worth your while and your dollar, we wish you a fantastic experience in your destination country.


4 Responses to “Volunteer Programs”
  1. merkan says:

    How old does the volunteer should be?

  2. Miracle says:

    Hi, am from Ghana and very interested in the Orphans volunteering program. How do I apply? and would it be too late to apply in December?

    • admin says:

      Hello Miracle, please see our email reply. The program has no fixed deadline. Whether you get accepted or not depends on how many volunteers are needed at the moment versus how many are applying and how your application compares in the competition of others.

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