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Monday, September 27, 2010 by

UK Work-Study programmes application screenshot

Click to see what's available!

We’ve been a bit quiet lately. First of all, most of those who spent their summer vacations in the USA and elsewhere are now traveling, so if we would post something interesting, most people would miss it. But we are using the time for preparing the new season, so let’s have a sneak peek at what’s cooking up.

Click on the image, it’s a screenshot of an application for what will be available in the UK! Both great internships (look at the fields) and paid Work Experience. Also combinations of English courses and work placements. In the meantime, conditions and prices for Work Travel USA 2011 are in, so we just need to make changes on the website and you can start applying again.

But we would say that things are becoming interesting.

For instance, imagine someone who studied hotel/catering management. He/she could take general English with paid hotel/catering work experience in the UK, then a week of culinary English in New York, and finally a year-long paid trainee program in a hotel in the USA. Oh and maybe he/she could start with Work Travel USA and make the initial money for the CDP program. All arranged through us.

Or perhaps someone who finished a law school could take a general course of legal English in New York, then move to the UK for the exam course (see below) and top it up with a legal internship in the UK. Again, all neatly assembled and arranged by APEX.

It’s starting to come together, isn’t it?

So coming up next will be legal and financial English in the UK. Unlike in New York, it will be a preparation for the ILEC (International Legal English Certificate) and ICFE (International Certificate in Financial English) exams. So if you are studying law, finance or economy, you may want to take part to increase your chances of landing a solid job in the current difficult job market.

Besides, we are working on CELTA/DELTA (Certificate/Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults) courses for those of you who either study to be English teachers and wish to have a chance to get a more lucrative job in international language schools rather than in the public sector. Or for those of you are are adventurers and would like to explore the far corners of the world as teachers of English, which is extremely popular.

Anyway, silence isn’t always golden! So if you are interested, keep in touch to know the news.

And as far as new posts are concerned, we will continue in our series of tips how to find yourself a summer job, or an internship in the USA, as soon as it looks like you are all back home and wasting all of your free time in the interwebs ;-)

P.S. Oh and if you ask what it really is about all this what keeps us so occupied ;-) imagine this: Just the application of which we are showing the screenshot has 103 fields, so it’s 103-times creating a field, setting up format, font, size, color, position, the bubble-help and whether it’s required or not. And it’s not the only application.. Stay tuned!

Questions? Ask below :-) In English, please.

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