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Where participants work in the UK

Cropped map of paid Work Experience placements in the UK

Where students work UK

Have a look where young people work in the United Kingdom. While participants of the paid Work Experience programs usually work in smaller communities, similarly as is the case in the USA, high level internships are available in London and other large cities.

The distribution of the placements don’t change much between years.

We don’t have a Google Map of UK placements, but click Read more for a large image.

Twin Work Experience UK Placements Map

Placements Map


6 Responses to “Where participants work in the UK”
  1. helz says:

    hie im a student from north cyprus and im visiting my sister in coventry and would like to know about the job opportunities you have for me for the summer that pay quite well
    thank you for your help

  2. Welcome
    I’m looking for a job in Britain
    My name is Omar from Morocco I am 16 years old cleaner pots and all the houses and the rooms and facilities for the park and the car and do I care for boys may work 18 hours a day
    Please, I’m waiting for your reply

    • admin says:

      Hello Omar, unfortunately, since you are not a citizen of an EU-member country, you can’t participate in any of the British programs shown on our website. That’s a law, not our policy.

  3. Rupesh says:


    I’m a recent post-graduate from the university of Leeds and I currently live in London. I hold a student visa which right now allows me to work full time but my visa is expiring Jan 20th 2013. I wanna know if I’m eligible to apply any jobs? Kindly reply.


    • admin says:

      Hello Rupesh, you don’t apply for jobs, this is not a job website. You apply to a program and the program then places you with employers that meet your needs and the government regulations for the program. Unfortunately, like people who contact us, you failed to mention what country you are a citizen of, making it impossible to determine your eligibility.

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