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Where to look for your jobs while traveling

Sunday, August 22, 2010 by

Crowded beach in Seaside Heights NJ viewed from the window of Kohr's Cafe

Crowded sunny beach

We will be giving you tips where to look for your next year jobs. So pay attention to our upcoming posts about traveling.

But in case you also want to try your own idea, let’s have a look where you should look for jobs during your travels, and why.

While traveling, you will probably see awesome places that you will just fall in love with. The great news is that easier to find a summer job in an amazing place! The fact that the place is amazing means that people want to come to see it. Since most people take vacations in the summer, wonderful places are extra busy in summer and need extra help. Your job is to make sure that the extra help is you.

So when you come to a place and think is just marvelous, go ahead and start asking for jobs in places that serve tourists. Restaurants, cafes, fast food joints, souvenir shops, amusement parks, gas station, convenience stores, rental businesses (boat rental, beach equipment rental, …) hotels, motels, you get the drift. But even supermarkets are OK to try in such places.

Always have your CV and reference from your current US job ready during your travels, and never forget to take the contact for the manager! If they tell you they don’t know about next summer, ask what is the best time to contact them. This is also a great excuse to ask for their contact.

Now, we know many of you would love to work in cities. Our message isn’t to discourage you. Never! In fact we’d love you to be as enterprising as possible! If you like a city, by all means, give it a try! Our message is “do not rely on cities for your next summer’s job”. Why?

There are practical reasons why it’s harder to get a summer job in a city. An cafe on a beach is probably closed in winter, there are no customers there at all. A cafe in city is probably busy in winter too. So while the cafe on the beach will need to hire 100 per cent of their staff for the summer, maybe 20 people, the cafe in the city may need to ad one or two extra staff. Not only that, there are high schools and colleges in cities! So local students saturate a lot of the demand. And finally, city is very expensive. Local students who live with their parents don’t mind, but for you it might be hard to even pay your rent on the small summer job salary.

Conclusion 1: If you visit a beautiful non-city location, such as a beach, lake, national park and you love it,  that’s your best bet. You like it, and they need a lot of summer help.

Conclusion 2: If you love a city location, by all means give it a try! But don’t make it the only place you try, you may end up with no job at all.

Conclusion 3: You love it – You try it. Be a fighter and don’t be shy. Nobody else but you can find you exactly what you like.

Questions? Ask below :-) In English, please.

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