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Six new Australian programs – Explore the Lucky Country!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011 by

A beautiful view of the opera in Sydney from unusual angle

English & Work in Australia

Do you know what’s the “Land down under“? What’s “waltzing Matylda” and what significance it has as a song? Do you recall some other very famous ones? And what about “kookabura“, “outback“, “road train” or “chunder” (as mentioned in the first song)? Besides, remember Skippy, and Steve Irwin?

Well, if all this is not enough to make you dream of visiting Australia, let us tell you that although Sydney is a large city, famous for it’s unique opera building, it actually also has beautiful surfing locations and schools.

All right, and what you can actually do there?

Work & Study Australia
Take a language course and get help with arranging a job placement in hospitality.

Demi Pair Australia
Take a language course and live for free with a family in Sydney, helping with kids.

Business English
Not just a language course, includes management, negotiations, diplomatic protocol, and more.

IELTS preparation course
Superb course with two teachers and plenty of practice. Get the score your dream university abroad requires!

FCE, CAE Cambridge Exams
Study for one these certificates in an exotic far-away Australia and go surfing every day :-)

All can be combined with practicing your newly acquired language skills in companies in your field in Sydney.

Take up the Work & Travel USA or Work Experience UK program and make money for your Australian adventure!

Click here to see all the Australian programs in one place.


A group of international English language students in Gordon Bay Australia

Group of students in Gordon Bay

International students surfing at the Bondi Beach in Sydney Australia

After school – surfing!

Language school in Sydney that acts as work-study and demi pair sponsor

The school

Students of general English course in Sydney Australia in the classroom

A lesson

Questions? Ask below :-) In English, please.

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