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Work as a Caricature Artist in a beach town, SC

E-111303 Caricature Artist on the Myrtle Beach, SCFor: University or college students
Work Travel USA
Visa required:
J1 Visa
Summer vacations

Area pictures: Explore the area with Google Panoramio

Job Title: Caricature Artist
Employer Type:
Arranged By: InterExchange, Inc.
Employer ID: E-111303


Description of Business: If you can draw, this employer would be interested in hiring you. Many participants in the past have earned more from this position than from working 2 separate jobs. This is a unique opportunity given to lucky participants who would like to use their drawing skills to earn money and meet plenty of people on the beach and in amusement parks.

Description of Area: This location is a popular tourist destination for people from all over the United States. This area is made up of over 60 miles of beaches and many entertainment areas, amusement parks, clubs, concert halls, theaters, water parks, daytime and nighttime activities. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the beaches, boardwalks, and an aktive summer on the ocean.

Travel Time to the job site, example: 16 hours from New York by bus. Cost $89.00.

Area pictures: 1992-2009 Participants’ Photos [coming soon]

Job Details

Work Description: You will be drawing caricature (comic) portraits for customers, mostly tourists on the boardwalk along the beach or in amusement parks. This job requires basic art skills. Your employer will train you on how to draw caricature portraits. You may be working on the boardwalk near the ocean, in the amusement park, or in the shopping mall. You may be outside most of the time, so business will also depend on the weather.

Salary and Bonuses: 1) Average minimum of $7.00 – $10.00 per hour plus tips depending on your speed. 2) For every drawing that you do, you will get a percentage of the paid price which will be 32% -34%. How much you make will depend on how fast you can draw.

Work Hours: More than 40 hours per week

Job type illustrations: 1992-2009 Participants’ Photos [coming soon]


Accommodation Cost:

Accommodation Description: You will most likely be staying at the Myrtle Grand Beach Inn temporarily. If not, your employer will arrange temporary housing for you. Your employer is willing to give you advice on more permanent housing for the summer once you arrive, since in the past most international students have been successful in finding their own housing and prefer to do this instead.

Accomodation Pictures: How we lived in America 1992 – 2009 – participants’ photos


Requirements: Not specified.

Standard requirements for the Work Travel USA program sponsored by InterExchange, Inc. are:

  • Conversational English
  • Minimum placement duration 12 weeks (or for summer, until Labor Day, whichever is longer)
  • Minimum placement is 2.5 months in national parks

Uniform/Dress Code: You will be working out on the beach so you should bring casual, clean shorts and t-shirts. No visible body piercings or tattoos are allowed during work.

NOTE: You must send submit your portrait work with your application ahead of time.


None who was previously placed in this location offered pictures for this gallery.

How to Apply

Do you like the employers shown in this section? Would you like to work for an employer like that?
Great! Apply for the Work Travel USA program and enjoy your summer adventure in the USA!

The program allows you to indicate three preferences for the area of the USA where you would like to be placed, and three preferences for the type of employer you would like to work for.

Although the program sponsor can not guarantee that your preferences will be met, it does guarantee you one job placement! All the employers listed here hosted international students in the past and the placements provided for an unforgettable summer!

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4 Responses to “Work as a Caricature Artist in a beach town, SC”
  1. Good Day!
    I am very much interested to be one of your caricature artist…actually i am doing the same job in Jumirah Dubai and Boracay Philippines…please check my website and click the image for more sample… here is my mobile no. 00639274151223



  2. Dave Helwig says:

    I have been a freelance caricature artist and illustrator for over 16 years. I’m looking to find a place to work instead of traveling to festivals. You can call Yes, that makes me a UGA fan. Hope that isn’t a problem.

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