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Work in a Country Club 15 minutes from New York City, NY

E-123821 Work in a Country Club fifteen minutes from New York City, NYFor: University or college students
Work Travel USA
Visa required:
J1 Visa
Summer vacations

Area pictures: Explore the area with Google Panoramio

Job Title: Wait Staff
Employer Type:
Country Club
Arranged By: InterExchange, Inc.
Employer ID: E-123821


Description of Business: Country Clubs are like radio stations, railroads, newspapers, hotels and other businesses which are ‘in the interest of the public’. This business of serving club membership is practically a 24 hour, everyday operation including Sundays and Holidays. Working together to ensure the legacy of the ‘Woodside’ house as a second home to our members. With dedicated department heads, we will continue to offer warmth and service to our members and their guests. Woodcrest management strives to ensure that the Club is staffed with the best qualified employees.

Description of Area: Our club is located 15 minute walk to the rail that can take them to Manhattan or to any mall in the area.

Travel Time to the job site, example: 1 hour from New York by bus.

Area pictures: 1992-2009 Participants’ Photos [coming soon]

Job Details

Work Description: You will be responsible for taking food orders from customers and running food. You will also work in the grill room, a fast-paced after-lunch food service. Must have professional and polite manner, as you will be communicating with customers. Will work at the pool, weddings, and golf outings.

Salary and Bonuses: $9.00 per hour, overtime $13.50.

Work Hours: You will usually be working 8 hours per day; 35 hours per week.

Job type illustrations: 1992-2009 Participants’ Photos [coming soon]


Accommodation Cost: $0

Accommodation Description: Living in the club house, depending on the room, can be single, double or 4, 5. Living at work, we provide the food, students will not be cooking their own food.

Accomodation Pictures: How we lived in America 1992 – 2009 – participants’ photos


Requirements: Not specified.

Standard requirements for the Work Travel USA program sponsored by InterExchange, Inc. are:

  • Conversational English
  • Minimum placement duration 12 weeks (or for summer, until Labor Day, whichever is longer)
  • Minimum placement is 2.5 months in national parks

Uniform/Dress Code: Must be clean and present well. No visible piercings or tattoos, no wild hair. Men must have short hair. Uniform will be provided, but you must bring your own black shoes.


None who was previously placed in this location offered pictures for this gallery.

How to Apply

Do you like the employers shown in this section? Would you like to work for an employer like that?
Great! Apply for the Work Travel USA program and enjoy your summer adventure in the USA!

The program allows you to indicate three preferences for the area of the USA where you would like to be placed, and three preferences for the type of employer you would like to work for.

Although the program sponsor can not guarantee that your preferences will be met, it does guarantee you one job placement! All the employers listed here hosted international students in the past and the placements provided for an unforgettable summer!

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10 Responses to “Work in a Country Club 15 minutes from New York City, NY”
  1. Martin Draws says:


    this job sounds highly intresting. I do have a few qustions:

    Question 1
    About the accomodation, the desscription says “Accommodation Description: Living in the club house, depending on the room, can be single, double or 4, 5.”
    From this description I’m not sure i understad what is depending on the room?

    Question 2
    At your homepage I noticed there i a fitness center at the club. Is this something I would have access to?

    Question 3
    My first choice would be to travel along with a friend. How many workers are you looking for?

    /Thank you

    Martin Draws

  2. Diana says:

    Hello there,

    I would like to ask: what is the deadline for applying for this job please?

    Thank you

    • admin says:

      Hi Diana, it says that you must contact us before January 5th. After that, your complete application and payment has to be delivered before January 10th. So anybody who’s interested must really rush! Best if you start your application today. It usually takes several days, you also have to get documents from your school, we have to interview you over Skype. Be sooooper quick :-)

  3. guney says:

    hello there,

    i’m from turkey and i wanna come to ny this summer.i was in north carolina last summer and i worked in a assambly as a houskeeper.my english is good enough i think.i have also social security number.what am i supposed to do for work with your place?

    • admin says:

      Dear Guney, partly, you are looking at examples of past placements, see the category intro. Similar ones are available each year, but unfortunately the latest deadline for NY-area placements was January 5th. Some employers were hiring from November 17th. It is surprising for many students, but the right time to apply for this type of summer program is actually in October, i.e. about 6 months ago.

  4. Daisy says:


    I was appling for the program with self-arranged job but having some problems finding a job by myself.

    I know it is becoming super late to ask but if this job is still available?

    If not, may I ask what jobs are available now?

    Thank you so much. ^ ^

  5. Mustapha says:

    I would like to apply for this job in summer 2013. Kindly let me know how to go through the process.
    Thank you.

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