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Work in Cleaning Service on Cape Cod – apply by January 5

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Collage of images of Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Students have been working for the Cleaning Furries service in Wellfleet, MA for many years. Wellfleet is on the Cape Cod, a beautiful peninsula at the Atlantic Ocean shore. It is a wealthy location not far from Boston, and a short ferry ride from Martha’s Vineyard where Hollywood celebrities and presidents come for vacations.

Very popular and highly recommended!

Here’s how it will work:

  1. Apply for the Full-Service Work & Travel program as usual. See “How to apply” in the program description.
  2. Your complete application packet has to arrive to us before January 10th.
  3. At the beginning of February you will be interviewed by the employer via Skype.
  4. In the event you wouldn’t be selected by this employer, you will be placed by the program sponsor with a different employer – the program guarantees you a job placement!

LANGUAGE REQUIREMENTS: Fluent English is required!  Each customer has individual instructions and the staff must completely understand them.  You must also be able to communicate effectively with other members of The Furies team and English is the common language.

Job description and information is as follows. Please note that while you can indicate a preference for location/position, the final decision where you’ll be assigned will be made by the employer.


Wellfleet is a small seaside town.  There is a lot of natural beauty, so people love to come here in the summer to escape the cities and the heat and to cool off in our lovely fresh water ponds and cool ocean waters.  The markets in Wellfleet are small and somewhat expensive, so the employer provides transportation to larger markets about every 2 weeks.


Housecleaners: Your duties would be vacuuming, dusting, cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, etc.  Many of the customers have dogs or cats, so it is important that you have no fear or allergies to animals. If you have a driver’s license, you will be required to drive one of employer’s vehicles (from one house to another).

Linen Folders/Organizers: Your duties would be sorting and inspecting linens, organizing them, and packing orders.

Regardless of which position you are primarily hired for, you would also be trained to clean and would be with the cleaning staff as required to meet the deadlines and also on the weekends.  Some of the cleaners can be also trained to help in the linen department.

Work dates

Housecleaners: These positions are available starting in April, May, June or July.
Linen Folders/Organizers: These positions are available starting in late June or early July.

Most students should leave between September 5th and September 15th but some will be needed into October.

IMPORTANT: 13-week minimum commitment

Wage rate

The first 30 hours (training) is paid at $8.75 per hour. After that you will be paid $9.25 peer hour.
From June 30, 2012 through September 9, 2012, you will be paid a higher rate on Saturdays and Sundays:  $11.00 per hour.
If you work more than 40 hours per week, you are paid $13.88 for each hour over 40 hours.

Work hours

You should expect a varying schedule. Many employees work about 40 hours per week, that depends on the strengths and weaknesses of each person. But all employees must work at least 32 hours per week.

You will work in teams of 2 or 3 people and generally work  6 days a week.  The employer actually offers services 7 days a week, but you will have at least one day “off” each week.  The hours are from about 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM, though the finish time varies, depending on when the last house is finished.

Second job

There are many other businesses that need help in the summer, so it is  easy to find a second job if you secure one now before you come or if you look early in the summer season.  But you cannot start your second job before 4:30 PM. You can look at www.wellfleetchamber.com or www.discoverwellfleet.com for a partial listing of Wellfleet businesses. Please note that not all businesses are listed.


At least 50% of the employees hired need to be able to drive.


The housing is provided at $125 per person per week. Cash must be provided up front for 2 weeks rent, plus a security deposit of $250 (refundable if there is no damage to the housing or other company property). After that $125 per week will be taken out of each student’s paycheck after taxes.

You will be supplied with bed sheets, blankets, pillows, and towels as well as cooking utensils and dishes.  Each house is fully outfitted for you to use for the season.  The cost of the rent includes telephone, electric, and television service.

The housing is less than 1 mile from work. Bikes are available for $10 per week.

All housing is for the employees of The Furies only.  To be fair to everyone, no overnight guests are allowed.

Students do have the option of finding their own housing but they must let us know that they are not using our housing at least 60 days prior to arrival.


Neat appearance is a must. You will be interacting with our customers, so it is important that you look professional.  All of the cleaning and linen staff wear uniforms.  The uniform is provided to you for the small fee of $75.00.  This includes 3 shirts, 2 shorts and 1 pair of pants OR 1 shorts and 2 pairs of pants, 1 sweatshirt, and an apron.  You are responsible for keeping the uniform laundered and fresh.  You will provide comfortable shoes of your choice.

IMPORTANT: This program placement has been arranged by the program sponsor InterExchange, Inc. APEX Foundation is not involved in arranging jobs, accommodation and insurance. We only administer the application process and help share experiences of previous participants. See our Terms & Conditions for full details.


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  1. Ken says:

    Good Afternoon,

    I would love to take this opportunity I am South African, able bodied and educated. Please let me know if there is still positions available in this respect as I am looking to arrange a working trip to the states as soon as possible .

    Many thanks


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