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Work in a Fine Dining Restaurant on Stone Harbor Island, NJ – from Dana

Sunday, August 30, 2009 by

<p>Vacations in New Jersey</p>

Vacations in New Jersey

For: University or college students
Program: Work Travel USA
Visa required: J1 Visa
Season: Summer vacations

Area pictures: Explore the area with Google Panoramio

Job Title: Server assistant, dishwasher
Employer Type: Restaurant
Arranged By: former participant
Employer ID:


Description of Business: Small “Fine dining” restaurant which has the back yard is located on the Island Stone Harbor.  The restaurant is very famous and popular there and guests has been coming back every summer. All people who work there are very friendly, very helpful and nice. They can help you with everything. This is not big restaurant so the atmosphere is very familiar there. The best thing is: restaurant is open just for dinner, so you can find second job very easily (for example housekeeping, maintenance). Restaurant is located in the hotels area.

Description of Area: The restaurant is located on the Island Stone Harbor in New Jersey, 30 minutes far away from Atlantic City and 3 hours from New York city. Stone Harbor is the summer area where rich American people have holiday. From restaurant it is 5 minutes walk to get to the beautiful beach.

Travel Time to the job site, example: 3 hours from New York by bus. Cost $50.00.

Area pictures: 1992-2009 Participants’ Photos [coming soon]

Job Details

Work Description: You can work as a dishwasher or server assistant. Dishwashers can work every day if they want, but usually it is 5 or 6 days a week. Server assistant the same.

Salary and Bonuses: $4.25 per hour + tips (Server Assisant), $8.15 per hour, and $12.00 per hour overtime (Dishwasher)

Work Hours: 40 per week (the employer guaranteed it to all of us). Overtime is available if needed by the restaurant.

Job type illustrations: 1992-2009 Participants’ Photos [coming soon]


Accommodation Cost: $1000.00 per month for whole house

Accommodation Description: Housing is NOT provided by the employer. But there is a couple people who are renting houses every summer to the worktravelers. I can help you to find a place before you go there. I lived in a house 3 miles far away from the Island. We payed $1000.00 for month for whole house. Two bedrooms. WiFi connection for free.

Accomodation Pictures: How we lived in America 1992 – 2009 – participants’ photos


Requirements: Not specified.

Standard requirements for the Work Travel USA program sponsored by InterExchange, Inc. are:

  • Conversational English
  • Minimum placement duration 12 weeks (or for summer, until Labor Day, whichever is longer)
  • Minimum placement is 2.5 months in national parks

NOTE: Replacement if job is lost is NOT POSSIBLE! This is a job found, tried and brought by a former participant. Ask in comments about a full-service program, if you require job replacement service.


<p>Waiting 2 serve</p>

Waiting to serve

<p>Inside the restaurant</p>

Inside the restaurant



<p>Our house</p>

Our house

<p>Nearby beach</p>

Nearby beach

<p>Free time - kayking</p>

Free time - kayking

How to apply

Do you like the employers shown in this section? Would you like to work for an employer like that?
Great! Apply for the Work Travel USA program and enjoy your summer adventure in the USA!

The program allows you to indicate three preferences for the area of the USA where you would like to be placed, and three preferences for the type of employer you would like to work for.

Although the program sponsor can not guarantee that your preferences will be met, it does guarantee you one job placement! All the employers listed here hosted international students in the past and the placements provided for an unforgettable summer!

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8 Responses to “Work in a Fine Dining Restaurant on Stone Harbor Island, NJ – from Dana”
  1. tosin says:

    i would like to know more about this offer.Thanks

  2. Dana Cernoskova says:

    Hi Tosin. Please, let me know what do you mean “more”, write me some specific information. I already have some people who asked for this job but they haven’t confirmed it, yet. Please note, I am only work and travel ex participant and I can give you just information and I can help you to arrange job offer and help you to find the job. You will have a status “self arrange”. So you have to arrange everything else by yourself.

  3. Katka says:

    Hi Dana,
    I would like to ask you if I want to participate this job, is it with full service or it´s ok just self-arrange? And also bedrooms are for how many people please? Thanks for your answer.

    • Dana Cernoskova says:

      Dear Katka,
      yes, this job is a self -arrange I can help you to get job offer. The housing is not provided by the employer. I lived in a small house (2 bedrooms) about 5 km far away from work. I was riding a bicycle. I would rather recommend this job to somebody who has already been to USA…
      If you have more question, you can send me email or find me at Facebook as DANA CERNOSKOVA.

  4. Султан says:

    People I want to find job in Stone Harbor << Can you help me with it?

    • admin says:

      Hi Saddam Sultan, unfortunately, the program doesn’t offer placements in specific locations. The reason is that the program guarantees you a job placement! And that would not be possible if the sponsor would not have the flexibility to look for suitable placements everywhere in the USA. After all, the probability that an employer in a given location would want just you, and just for the dates that you will be available is pretty much zero. You can indicate a preference for a region, such as “Eastern Ocean Resorts” in the application. Please, read the program description for full details how the program works. Another alternative is that you find your desired placement yourself and then apply as self-arranged to get the J1 visa sponsorship. Read description of that program here.

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