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Work in Yellowstone National Park, WY

Two bison grazing by the road in Yellowstone

Bison in Yellowstone

For: University or college students
Work Travel USA
Visa required: J1 Visa
Season: Summer vacations

Area pictures: Explore the area with Google Panoramio

Job Title: Where needed
Employer Type: National Park
Arranged By: InterExchange, Inc.
Employer ID: E-101435


Description of Business: This company operates over 2,000 guest rooms and 14 restaurants throughout the 2.2 million acre park. Yellowstone is the world’s first national park and is known for its thermal features and abundance of wildlife. Our employees enjoy living inside the national park and have many opportunities to engage in outdoor activities inside Yellowstone and in the surrounding areas. In addition, you will work with employees and tourists from all over the United States and world.

Description of Area: This national park is the world’s first national park and one of the largest in the United States. The park is located mostly in Wyoming and contains more than 2 million acres of steaming geysers, crystalline lakes, waterfalls and panoramic views. The park is also one of the worlds foremost wildlife sanctuaries, there is a great diversity of mammals, birds and fish. The park is not near any big city but there are many outdoor activities available and you will have the opportunity to live and work with Americans and international students from all over the world. The park also attracts tourists from all over the U.S. and all over the world. In July alone last year there were approximately 790,000 visitors to the park.

Travel Time to the job site, example: 2,5 day from New York by bus. Cost $180.00.

Area pictures: 1992-2009 Participants’ Photos [coming soon]

Job Details

Work Description: Hospitality Crew: you will either be working in the kitchen or housekeeping. Kitchen help work includes washing dishes, chopping vegetables, preparing food, keeping the kitchen clean, taking out the garbage, serving in the employee cafeteria etc. Housekeeping includes cleaning hotel rooms, making beds, cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming etc. Server Assistant: working in a restaurant – clearing and setting tables, pouring water for guests, general kitchen duties. Advanced English required. Gift Shop: helping guests with gift shop items, stocking shelves, possible cashiering. Advanced English required. Laundry Worker: helping process hotel linens – folding, stacking, working with large machinery. Basic English required. Front Desk: Working at a hotel front desk, using a computer to confirm reservations, assign hotel rooms, etc. Advanced English and strong computer skills required.

Salary and Bonuses: Hospitality Crew: $7.25 per hour, Server Assistant: $5.00 plus tips, Gift Shop: $7.25, Laundry Worker: $8.25, Front Desk: $7.60. Bonus $3 for each day of contract if it is completed to the exact day.

Work Hours: Vary depending on business at the park and staffing levels, usually 35-40 hours a week with two days off in a row. Second jobs are not likely in neighboring communities, as they are great distances. The park is open April 23rd to October 20th, 2009.

Job type illustrations: 1992-2009 Participants’ Photos [coming soon]


Accommodation Cost: $14.00 per week

Accommodation Description: Accommodation will cost $14 per week unless you work here, in which case it will cost $25 per week. You will be living in a dormitory and will be sharing a room with one or two other students. Some dorms have shared bathrooms on each hall and some rooms have their own bathroom. Your housing costs includes your room, utilities, and free use of the laundry facilities.

NOTE: We have an employee cafeteria that provides three hot meals a day – all you can eat – for approximately $68 a week. The meal plan is not optional.

Accomodation Pictures: How we lived in America 1992 – 2009 – participants’ photos


Requirements: Not specified.

Standard requirements for the Work Travel USA program sponsored by InterExchange, Inc. are:

  • Conversational English
  • Minimum placement duration 12 weeks (or for summer, until Labor Day, whichever is longer)
  • Minimum placement is 2.5 months in national parks

Uniform/Dress Code: Uniforms are issued at no cost to the employee.


None who was previously placed in this location offered pictures for this gallery.

How to Apply

Do you like the employers shown in this section? Would you like to work for an employer like that?
Great! Apply for the Work Travel USA program and enjoy your summer adventure in the USA!

    The program allows you to indicate three preferences for the area of the USA where you would like to be placed, and three preferences for the type of employer you would like to work for.

    Although the program sponsor can not guarantee that your preferences will be met, it does guarantee you one job placement! All the employers listed here hosted international students in the past and the placements provided for an unforgettable summer!

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    40 Responses to “Work in Yellowstone National Park, WY”
    1. Alexandra says:

      Hi, my name is Alexandra and I am from Spain. I love the biology, and I want to do somethin similar like work on this park, the problem? I am 14 years old.
      If you know something that I can do, pleas tell me. I don`t care about the country.

      • admin says:

        Hi Alexandra! Wow, you are a brave young lady :-) And your English is perfect.. The snag is that the program you are looking at is only available for university/college students. That’s not our decision, that’s the US law, nobody else can get the J1 Work & Travel visa. In fact, as you can imagine, most of these programs are for people over 18 years of age. I’m really sorry to disappoint you. Many years back a 16 years old girl inquired, and she eventually did go. So I hope that you will too when the time comes. There are unpaid internships available in the UK for people from 16 years of age, very well organized, if you’d like to get your feet wet on international working and traveling sometime soon-ish. While unpaid, being at work in a company abroad is more real than a summer camp. So if you’d like to keep in touch until then, click Like on our Facebook page to see what’s going on.

    2. Lin says:

      Hi my name is Lin I am english 59 years old, a teacher now retired and looking to do a seasons work at a national park for the experience. I don’t mind what I do but have experienc in teaching, IT, catering and have housekeeping experience so would welcome any suggestions.
      Thanks Lin

      • admin says:

        Dear Lin, thank you for your comment. However this is a placement for university students, participants of this program http://www.apex-foundation.org/work-and-travel-usa-iexwtfs/, so unfortunately, you are not eligible. If you could, as a teacher introduce this opportunity to young people, it would be great. It’s just for university students, as it used a special visa created just for them, so once they are out of school, they can no longer do this.

    3. Pilar says:

      my name is Pilar,i’m from Spain and i am 18 years old.I would like to work with animals in Yellowstone (without receiving money).This would be because i want to have laboral experience.

      • admin says:

        Dear Pilar, the Yellowstone placements are in the service industry. I.e. you work in restaurants, hotels, etc. inside or around the park. In 20 years in this business, we have never heard of a foreign student working with the park rangers. This doesn’t mean it never happened, it just means that we can’t point you where to ask. As with all dream jobs (see here) , your best bet is to go for the normal Work & Travel USA program, try for a Yellowstone placement (this mainly involves applying in October, not in January!) and while there, start meeting people who work with the animals and ask how you could get involved. As with all these programs, their value isn’t in their getting your wish granted, but in getting you into the country. And then you move from there. Also, you must be a “tertiary” student to apply, that’s university/college.

    4. Volunteer says:

      My name is Sebastian. I come from Poland and I would like to come in the USA on the Yellowstone PN. I would like to recongize one of most the oldest Park in the Earth.
      I am 28 years old. Could you to send mor information to yours Volunteer.
      Pozdrawiam Sebastian (I greet with Polish)

      • admin says:

        Hello Sebastian, first of all, you are looking at a list of examples of previous job placements, as it is described right at the beginning of the list http://www.apex-foundation.org/programs/jobs-placements/. This placement in particular is available to participants of this program http://www.apex-foundation.org/work-and-travel-usa-iexwtfs/, please check the “Eligibility” section to see if you qualify. Finally, to apply for placement in Yellowstone, you need to apply in November, the deadline for complete applications, including full payment and interview report is about January 5th every year and it takes a few weeks to put everything together and not to apply as the last one right before the deadline. In the event you’d like to try a different program instead, please find the full list here: http://www.apex-foundation.org/programs/all-by-country/ Please pay close attention to the “Eligibility” section available in each program description to see if you meet the requirements.

    5. Emese says:


      My name is Emese. I’m 22 and a Masters Biology student in Hungary. I would like to visit the Yellowstone Park as I am an ecologist and would love to look around in that wonderful place =) This looks like a great opportunity to work near it and do just that.

      I saw I missed the deadline for this summer and I would like to ask if I would be able to go next summer. I will get my degree in june/july in 2013. In my country it is a possibility to do student work after getting your degrree, for 3 months, but I don’t know the laws for abroad.

      If it isn’t possible to go as a student can it be arranged to go for just summer work maybe?

      Thank you in advance:


      • admin says:

        Dear Emese, the time to apply for the Work & Travel USA program is in fact in October. The later you apply, even if you do so before the final deadline, the more placement opportunities you miss. For example for summer 2012 the time to apply specifically for the Yellowstone placements was November 17th. Obviously, nobody can guarantee you that a specific employer will decide to hire you, but you have to make sure that you don’t miss the opportunity entirely.

        Speaking of your field of study, check the programs in South Africa. There are many more available than shown on the website, including actual courses for students of zoology, veterinary medicine etc. all the way to becoming a certified safari ranger. These are courses or volunteer programs though not jobs, so as a student, you may want to do a program such as the Work & Travel USA, or Hospitality Employment UK to build funds to be able to afford the South African programs.

    6. Misa says:

      Comment removed. Please, use English for commenting. Thank you.

    7. Diego says:

      I’m Diego. Hablomuy am Spanish and English well. I’ve been studying English in the U.S. two summers. 27 years of age. Forestry engineering. Now I work at Greenpeace. My dream is to work sometimes, even a year or few months, in Yellowstone. As a guide, as an engineer, as anything. What options do I have? What steps would you take? Thanks!! :);)

      • Diego says:

        I wanted to say “I´m Spanish and I speak English well”:) Thanks

      • admin says:

        Dear Diego, this is one of the placements that you can apply for if you are a participant of this program http://www.apex-foundation.org/work-and-travel-usa-iexwtfs/. You have to be a full-time tertiary student to be eligible, scroll up and see the “Eligibility” tab. Two more things to keep in mind: First, you need to apply for the program in October to stand a chance, Yellowstone FINISHES hiring for the summer in early January. Second, keep in mind that you will work in hospitality in Yellowstone, that means in hotels, restaurants, fast food, etc. read the job description, it’s all there.

    8. Diana paola suarez says:

      Hello, My name is Diana and I´m from Colombia, I´m 18 years old, and I love animals and nature. I want to make a exchange during my vacations or a bit more, I ´m really interested in working in the yellowstone park or in any place, where I can first: practice my english or French, and also be able to help the nature and the animals in general. I hope you can help me, Thanks.

      • Misa says:

        Hello Diana, if you are talking about the Work & Travel USA program, then let me explain this. You have to be a full-time university student to be able to get the visa, you’re not saying if you are. Second, the placements in Yellowstone are – just like everywhere else – in the hospitality industry, that means cleaning in hotels, working in restaurant kitchen, etc. Finally, Yellowstone hires for the summer before the end of the previous year! This means that in order to try to be hired for the summer, you must apply in October.

    9. solomon says:

      Hi, I am Solomon and I am just wondering if I could get a placement for up to 50+ hours per week? Thank you

      • admin says:

        Hi Solomon, you are looking at a list of past placements, see the first post in the category here: http://www.apex-foundation.org/programs/jobs-placements/ In any case, there’s no way anybody can guarantee you specific number of work hours, that’s just not possible. Finally, most employers have to pay 50% extra for work over 40 hours per week. No sane employer will plan on having his labor cost increase by 50%. Expecting 30-35 hours per week is realistic and if you want more, you have to find yourself a second job.

    10. Helen says:

      Hello my name is Helen and I am from England and currently looking at universities which will offer me a sandwitch year course. In the sandwitch year I hope to gain work experiance in the animal conservation area. I undersatnd that the work placment is only for retail, but I am wondering if there are any jobs or volunteer jobs which would involve gaining skills in the consevation feild in Yellowstone or if you know of any other conservation projects for undergraduates.
      Thank you for taking the time to read my comment and I hope that you will be able to help me.

    11. Júlia says:

      Hi! My name’s Júlia, I’m 18 years old and from Spain, right now I’m in the university and I’m very interested in working in Yellowstone National Park during my summer vacation.
      I’d be grateful if you could give me more information about how to aply and things you may think are important.

    12. Bàrbara says:

      Good morning
      !My name is Barbara and I am 34 years old, I am currently studying a second University cycle of engineering in Spain, formerly electrical engineering I did, I have husband and a small 2 year old daughter (beautiful), I wonder, if possible, if cajo in profile, I have worked in sector services when I studied my first race and I love the contact with the public
      .A greeting,

      • admin says:

        Hello Barbara, you are looking at examples of past job placements. This is explained in the intro to this section: http://www.apex-foundation.org/programs/jobs-placements/ We are, however, working on a project involving H2B visas whereby employers/employees will select each other much in the way dating websites work. You just became the first in the world to know :-) We’ll put you on our list of “interested” and you’ll get updates as they happen. We are hoping to catch the 2013 summer seasonal job hiring period.

    13. Emese says:

      Hi, I would like to join Barbara on getting on your list and into the new system.

      I’m doing the Masters in Biology at the moment and I will finish this summer. I’m also doing the English-hungarian translator post-gradual training which I will finish in 2014. Because of this I can only work as a university student this summer, so I would really like to go out there and gather some experience and see a little of the world. I’ve spent 5 months in Denmark with ERASMUS and have advanced english language skills.

      Thank you:

    14. Mark says:

      Im wondering how many working hours can be expected during a peak months, and if a double shifts could be taken.
      Thank you

      • admin says:

        Dear Mark, your question shows that you are a very inexperienced worktraveler. If you expect double-shifts, you will be severely disappointed. And as far as Yellowstone is concerned, just two days ago we were cleaning old files and came across a stack of complaints from 2003. From students and their parents desperate that there are as few as 15 hours per week available. This is a program for travelers, who’d like to spend some time there and enjoy the beauty, maybe making a few dollars in the process. You are expecting “employment abroad”, that’s not what this is. And see also here: http://www.apex-foundation.org/worktravelers-1-problem-not-enough-work-hours/

    15. Nikola says:

      I am Nikola and I am from Serbia, this is my first time to to apply for the program, and I just wondering how many hours will I be able to work. Of course, money is not a priority of my arrival to America, but it is a very important issue, because it is important that i get back the money invested in program, and maybe earn some mony of course.
      Thank you very much for your time!

      • admin says:

        Hi Nicola, you have to understand that this is impossible to tell. It depends on how much business the employers will have, how much they will overhire, etc. There were students who had 90 per week, and students who had zero to 15 and had to go home broke. Read this, it will help adjust your expectations closer to reality: Worktraveler’s #1 problem – not enough work hours. And this is not just a problem of young students. Foreign workers who were hired, years back, to help clean up after the Hurricane Katrina also ended up with no work and no income, complete desperation. And you must understand that you won’t have a salary! You will earn wage. The difference is that wage is per hour. So if there’re no hours and you have no work, you’re in trouble. Employers are only required to pay you more than the minimum wage per hour, but no law tells them how many hours they must give you. If you work one hour and get paid what you were promised per hour, there employer obeys by the law. If you take the program as a trip to America, with the possibility that you may earn some money – but if you won’t it’s fine too – you’ll be OK. Because you probably earn some. But if you think that this will be “employment abroad”, you may be severely disillusioned. Especially in Yellowstone, because it’s far away from any other place where you might find either different, or at least a second job.

        • Nikola says:

          Thank you very much, midnight you have helped me clear up some things in the decision. Once again, thank you very much!

          • admin says:

            Nikola, we’ve been in this business for 23 years. And if we’d be to write here everything that we think about what has become of this program and why, it would be worth a book, not a comment reply. Just 2 weeks ago, we were clearing out our storage and a dusty folder labeled “Troubles and Complaints 2003” caught my eye. It was like it all happened yesterday, and what ties it to your question was that many of them were from Yellowstone. “I’ve been here for 4 weeks and I only made $140, there’s no work here, what can we do?”. Well, what do you think? At the same time, we’ve had a student who was there 7 summers in row! It’s an amazing place. The worst part about this program is that it’s considered a way to get employment in the USA. If somebody goes to visit Yellowstone, as everybody should once in a lifetime, and thinks “wow, wouldn’t it be cool to get some job around here for a bit and really enjoy the place”, he’ll be happy either way. A US consul in Budapest, not far from you, once told somebody “the program let’s you visit the USA, have fun summer, and maybe make a dollar or two”. If everybody could hear that, there would be much fewer disappointed people. And the entire SWT industry would collapse. A few tips: Pay as little as you can, if things don’t work out, your loss will be smaller. Get the job yourself (if you can’t figure out how, you should stay home, because you won’t be able to find yourself another, if the first one doesn’t work out) you’ll pay less and you’ll be in touch with the employer from the first moment. Don’t get the job in a far away place in your first summer, if things go wrong, you won’t be able to find anything else nearby. Have another job pre-arranged, and a few other pre-researched, before you go, and think about how expensive it will be to travel to that place from the first one. Always have enough backup money to get to your other job or to the city from where you can fly home. Make sure your flight ticked is changeable. You will pay a bit more, but you won’t have to buy a whole new ticket if you have to go home before you planned – this applies also if you get sick or hurt. ALWAYS think about accommodation, that’s the most expensive part. If you pay $70 per week and stay for 12 weeks, you’ll have spent $840 on accommodation. If you can find a job with free accommodation, it has just paid for the program, hasn’t it? Accommodation is the killer! When you go, pack light. If you have to move from place to place, you want to have a mid-size backpack, not a huge suitcase. And everything, except food, is cheaper in the US than back home. If you think along these lines – save on everything, have alternatives ready for when things go wrong – you’ll be well prepared for the adventure. Cheers!

    16. hamzeh kalbouneh says:

      hi there i registered in Work and travel program and when i got the job offers i choose this place in the first choice
      >>> cuz it’s realy seems amazing and it’s look like the paradise
      hope to be one of staff crew in the next summer

    17. rebecca says:

      hello I am 25 years old from the uk, I have been fascinated with Yellowstone park for many years now, is there anyway I would be able to get a work visa and be able to work in Yellowstone national park I am currently unemployed but think a new start somewhere else and what I enjoy in doing would be great I enjoy animals and have experience in shop work and reception work, hope to hear back soon,
      many thanks,x

      • admin says:

        Hello Rebecca, we share your passion for Yellowstone. Unfortunately, the program is available only for full-time university students.

    18. Mohamed Mossad says:

      hey there …
      My name is Mohamed & i am 27 years old … i graduated from vet. school in Egypt … i would love to work in Yellowstone no matter what the job is … as long as i am close to animals :)

      My regards …

      • admin says:

        Hello Mohammed, unfortunately, you are looking at examples of past job placements, see the first post in the category. But even if this wasn’t the case, this is a program for full-time students, not for graduates, and if you explore the job description some more, you’ll see that it involves working in hospitality, not with animals.

    Questions? Ask below :-) In English, please.

    APEX Foundation