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Work in Yellowstone National Park – apply by January 5

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Collage of pictures from Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Do you want to work in the world’s first national park during your summer?

You can apply for 5 positions in Yellowstone National Park. Established in 1872, Yellowstone National Park is the America’s oldest national park. Our participants has been working there since 1994. Couples and groups of friends can apply together!

Here’s how it will work:

  1. Apply for the Full-Service Work & Travel program as usual. See “How to apply” in the program description.
  2. Your complete application packet has to arrive to us before January 10th.
  3. At the beginning of February you will be interviewed by the employer via Skype.
  4. In the event you wouldn’t be selected by this employer, you will be placed by the program sponsor with a different employer – the program guarantees you a job placement!

Job description and information is as follows. Please note that while you can indicate a preference for location/position, the final decision where you’ll be assigned will be made by the employer.


Yellowstone National Park
This national park (see map) is one of the largest parks in the United States. The park is located mostly in Wyoming and contains more than 2 million acres of steaming geysers, crystalline lakes, waterfalls and panoramic views. The park is also one of the worlds foremost wildlife sanctuaries, there is a great diversity of mammals, birds and fish.  The park is not near any big city but there are many outdoor activities available and you will have the opportunity to live and work with Americans and international students from all over the world.


Hospitality Crew (Kitchen or Housekeeping): You will either be working in the kitchen or housekeeping.  Kitchen help work includes washing dishes, chopping vegetables, preparing food, keeping the kitchen clean, taking out the garbage, serving in the employee cafeteria etc.  Housekeeping includes cleaning hotel rooms, making beds, cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming etc.

Server Assistant: Working in a restaurant – clearing and setting tables, pouring water for guests, general kitchen duties.  Advanced English required.

Gift Shop Associate: Helping guests with gift shop items, stocking shelves, possible cashiering.  Advanced English required. You must be familiar with American currency.

Laundry Worker: Helping process hotel linens – folding, stacking, and working with large machinery. Basic English required.

Required dates

Early June to September 25th or later

The park is open from April 27th to October 19th, 2012. The latest date to leave Yellowstone is October 25.

IMPORTANT: Minimum work commitment is 3 months.

Wage rate

Hospitality Crew (Kitchen or Housekeeping): $7.75 to $8.20 per hour
Server Assistant: $5.00 plus tips per hour
Gift Shop Associate: $7.75 per hour
Laundry Worker: $8.55 per hour

Work hours

Hours will vary depending on business at the park and staffing levels.  Usually you can expect to work 35-40 hours a week with two days off in a row.  Second jobs are not likely in neighboring communities, as they are great distances.  The park is open April 27th to October 19th, 2012.


You will be living in a dormitory and will be sharing a room with one or two other students.  Some dorms have shared bathrooms on each hall and some rooms have their own bathroom. Dormitory housing fee will cost $21 per week.  Your housing costs include your room, utilities, and free use of the laundry facilities. If you work in Laundry, your housing will cost $42 per week.  Laundry workers must cook their own food.  No meal plan is available.


In the park there is an employee cafeteria that provides three hot meals a day – all you can eat – for approximately $77 a week.  The meal plan is not optional.


In addition to housing and meals, there is $1 per day deduction to allow for reduced rates at our medical clinics.  This is a mandatory deduction for all seasonal employees.


Uniforms are issued at no cost to the employee.  Please bring comfortable black shoes that cover the toes (sneakers are fine).

Placement with Friends

No preference for male/female ratio, couples ok, friend groups ok.

IMPORTANT: This program placement has been arranged by the program sponsor InterExchange, Inc. APEX Foundation is not involved in arranging jobs, accommodation and insurance. We only administer the application process and help share experiences of previous participants. See our Terms & Conditions for full details.

Questions? Ask below :-) In English, please.

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