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Work on a Ranch in Bozeman area, MT

Work in a Ranch in Bozeman area, MTFor: University or college students
Work Travel USA
Visa required:
J1 Visa
Summer vacations

Area pictures: Explore the area with Google Panoramio

Job Title: Where needed
Employer Type:
Arranged By: J1 Direct
Employer ID: J1D-1028


Description of Business: Our primary activities are horseback riding and fishing. Riding is available to employees on their time off. We are like one big family here. You will not want to leave.

Description of Area: We are a dude ranch located 7 miles off the Yellowstone National Park. We are five miles off the road at an altitude of 7,000 feet. We take families for a week at a time.

Travel Time to the job site, example: Please travel to Bozeman or West Yellowstone, Montana. We will pick you up at the airport or greyhound bus station. There are no modes of public transportation nearby and we try to assign your day off with other staff members who might have their own vehicles.

Area pictures: 1992-2009 Participants’ Photos [coming soon]

Job Details

Work Description: There are several jobs at the ranch, you will be placed in the job that best suites you when you arrive. Jobs are kitchen helper/dishwasher, cabin maid/waitress, and laundry. All employees are asked to be flexible in their positions as they may be rotated. It has been our experience that it is better to wait until a student arrives and determine at that time which position best suits the student. Job interest, previous work experiences and language skills are indicators as to where the student will be most happy and productive. Quite often we like to assign a student to two different areas so there is variety to their work experience. If, however, a student indicates a preference we will certainly try and accommodate his or her desire.

Salary and Bonuses: The wage is $1000.00 per month including room and board. Bonus at end of season upon completion of job.

Work Hours: Approximately 8-9 hours per day, 6 days per week. Our guest week begins and ends on Sundays. Day off per week will be assigned.

NOTE: Conversational English required.

Job type illustrations: 1992-2009 Participants’ Photos [coming soon]


Accommodation Cost: $0

Accommodation Description: Housing is included in your salary. There is no charge for it. The housing is bunkhouse style with a large sitting room, large bathroom and bedrooms. We do not provide co-ed housing. Male staff resides with other male staff and female staff resides with other female staff members.

Accomodation Pictures: Participants’ photos – How we lived in America 1992 – 2009.


Requirements: Conversational English, able to understand and follow instructions, attention to detail, motivated by guest satisfaction.

Uniform/Dress Code: If serving in the dining room, you need to wear jeans or skirt and white blouse. We are a ranch and promoting a western lifestyle so jeans and shirts are great to clean cabins and work in the kitchen or laundry. Excessive piercing, tattoos, or hairstyles are not allowed. We promote a western image.


None who was previously placed in this location offered pictures for this gallery.

How to Apply

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6 Responses to “Work on a Ranch in Bozeman area, MT”
  1. Ann says:

    I want to work with your company.I LOVE horses and it`ll be great pleasuru to work at your ranco.If it`s still possible ansewr my mail please.

  2. Agyei Mensah says:

    I am a Ghanaian University student of 31 years of age. I am interested in your work. Can I also apply and how much will it cost me?

  3. Kayla Cluff says:

    Hello I would love to apply for this job please let me know how i go about doing so ?

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