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Worktravelers’ Troubles (2): Who is a Worktraveler

Wednesday, July 28, 2010 by

Exchange students traveling with county fairs SWT USA 2002

Hard work at county fairs

Since you asked, let’s make sure that we know who we are talking about in these series. Especially because the names of programs and visas vary between countries. You can hear terms such as Work Travel, Working Holiday, Youth Worker Mobility, even Level 1 Internship, etc.

In any case, a Worktraveler is neither economic migrant, nor somebody going into a steady job abroad. Worktraveler is a young backpacker, usually a university or college student, who is eager to travel into countries he heard so much about, explore the world while in school, and who doesn’t want to spend much money doing so. Either because he doesn’t have the money, or for the thrill of being able to get involved in the life of the destination country and spend a little longer time there, usually a few months.

Although some of the troubles and solutions we are going to discuss are the same for international volunteers and interns, some things are different. Volunteers are by definition unpaid, so they for instance do not worry about having making enough money. And dedicated interns and trainees are usually much more concerned that their placement gives them the kind of work experience they feel they need for their CV and career. We may get back to difficulties facing volunteers and interns in future series. And au-pairs and international camp counselors? That’s entirely different kettle of fish.

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