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How others are doing, plus Worktravelers’ troubles

Monday, July 19, 2010 by

Christmas Island Resort New Hampshire SWT USA 2010

The beach and marina

Hi Worktravelers! Every week, we select somebody whom we call to. This week it was Pavlina, who is working in Christmas Island Resort in New Hampshire. Pavlina is participating in the SWT USA program for the second time. Last year she was in the Telemark Resort in Wisconsin (read her 2009 story with pics here). She is also our Student Cooperator at her school (pics from her meeting).

So far, her second summer is a bit of a mixed experience. She works at a front desk of the resort, which is nice and occasionally does some housekeeping. Still, it works out to just about 35 hours per week for $7.50 per hour. There are six worktravelers at the resort who stay at the first floor of the hotel. Not luxurious, but the accommodation costs just $35 per week. They have a living room with TV, shared bathroom, separate for girls and boys and a kitchen.

Exchange students' living room Christmas Island SWT USA 2010

Our living room

Exchange students' kitchen Christmas Island SWT USA 2010

Our kitchen

Exchange students' bedroom Christmas Island SWT USA 2010

Our bedroom

The town is about 1.5 mile away, which is a walking distance. Crucially, the town has a TJ Max store with prices at least 30 per cent lower than in Europe, which makes the girls very happy :-) Once in a week, somebody takes them by car to a supermarket, so they are spending about $50 per week on food. The bad part, aside from the low work hours, is that they are not paid for overtime, even if they get some, the employer is reportedly hard to talk with, promised bicycles turned out to be just junk and drunk repairman in the housing and generally less than friendly atmospehere doesn’t make the place enjoyable. So Pavlina contacted InterExchange a is looking for a new placement.

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Our discussion with Pavlina made us change our “editorial plan” a bit, so instead of writing about where to travel, let’s discuss difficulties and potential solutions. Don’t worry, we will get to traveling too.

Note: We have moved this section into a separate article here: http://www.apex-foundation.org/work-travel-what-makes-you-vulnerable/

Questions? Ask below :-) In English, please.

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