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Who we are
An organization of former and current participants of international exchange programs. Our team members have experience from countries as diverse as the USA and China, and with programs ranging from work travel-type to studying abroad.

Our Mission
Our mission is making international travel and education financially accessible for students, despite their limited financial resources. We achieve that by searching for programs which allow young people work in their chosen destination country.

We started as a language school established in 1990 by a group of still university students at the time. Our first international exchange program was for American students who wanted to try to work abroad as English teachers. We started offering the Work & Travel USA program in 1993, added internship programs soon after that, and for several years we offered also camp-counsellor’s program and au pair programs. Currently we are an American company APEX International, LLC. and offer a range of programs for students from all countries.

Join us!
Since 1996, we base all our marketing on Student Cooperators. They place our posters and promote the idea of worktraveling at their schools. We believe that former participants tell it how it is to new applicants thus helping them know what to expect. Join us and get discounts on participation or get paid.

Gallery – since 1992

You’ll have a pretty clear idea who we are and what we do after just 2.5 minutes with this album.

What does “APEX” mean?
We get asked that quite often. It means nothing. It’s also a unfortunate name, in the sense that everybody uses it. Try Google search for APEX Foundation, or APEX Inc. to see for yourself.

And how did we ended up with such a decidedly non-unique name? Well, when we were starting this organization, we were 23 years old and apparently not quite as bright as we though we were. Like many others, we were having hard time thinking of a good name for the new company. Sitting around a table, we were coming up with awful-sounding ideas, usually involving something conjured up from the initials of our names. Then the talk turned to airfares for a bit, and somebody mentioned an airfare called – yes – apex! It meant “advance purchased excursion”. At which point we screamed “OMG! That’s it! Let’s call ourselves APEX!” After all, visiting a foreign country is a kind of an excursion, and yes, the applicants have to pay in advance! What a superb name!

It was 1990. No Internet, no nothing. We had no idea, that there were thousands of companies using the word apex in their names. So kids, when starting your new company, be smarter than we were ;-)


11 Responses to “About Us”
  1. James Shih says:

    Dear SIrs:

    My friend told me about APEX, it’s attractive for me, but, I am not a student, and I have a stable job now (I’m 32 years old), is that a short-term job? How can I experience this activity?

    Look forward to your reply, thank you so much~

  2. Barbora B. says:

    Comment removed. Please use English for commenting.

  3. Cleon says:

    My friend told me about APEX, it’s attractive for me, but, I am not a student, and I have a stable job now (I’m 32 years old), is that a short-term job? How can I experience this activity?

    • admin says:

      Hi Cleon. Which program are you talking about? Click on “Programs” in the menu, and you will find out that ALL programs that we offer are available for non-students, except for the summer Work & Travel USA. Also, which country you are from?

  4. mabo says:

    everybody free to join this program, and what about if not fluent speak English or requirement to join this Apex summer job? thanks before

  5. Cecilia Tsang says:

    Comment removed. Out of context. Please inquire under a program you are interested in, or if you are unsure which one to select, email [email protected] for recommendation. Thank you.

  6. The Hindi you are using is not at all understandable though my mother tongue is Hindi and am familiar with Hindi but the one you have used, is all Greek to me. I am unable to understand what this site is all about.
    I am a professional translator and think that the Hindi used here is of no use.

    Supreme or सुप्रीम is not a Hindi word. In English it means Highest or Apex. Supreme Court of India is the apex court of India.

    If needed I can help you with Hindi.

    • admin says:

      Dear Sanjaya, thank you very much for your offer! I’m not sure if you realized it, but it’s a Google translation. And as everybody knows, machine translations are still rather imperfect. The reason why we use these translations is twofold. First and foremost, it helps local or localized search engines to find us. Program participants who find us must be able to communicate in English anyway, simply because we ourselves don’t speak any other language. We expect them to click on the “Click here for the original English version” link. A secondary benefit is that even the imperfect machine translation gives an idea what the post is about, which for many people is better than nothing. And many people who are not Internet-savvy do not know about Google Translate, whereas clicking on a flag is quite intuitive. As we are preparing a marketing campaign directed on India, Pakistan, China and Latin America, creating quality content in Hindi, even if just brief landing pages, may turn out to be useful. We will mainly be marketing studying at universities abroad, in the UK, Australia and possibly other countries. Unless the potential translations are handled as a part of SEO arrangements, we’ll be very happy to contact you.

  7. Arif says:

    Comment removed, out of topic. Please ask under the program that you are interested in, or if unsure which one to choose, email us at [email protected] for consultation. The full list of programs is available here: http://www.apex-foundation.org/programs/all-by-country/

Questions? Ask below :-) In English, please.

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